Breaking Bad S03 Season 3 1080p HDRip x265 HEVC AAC-JOY

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Breaking Bad S03 Season 3 1080p HDRip x265 HEVC AAC-JOY

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Season 3 – Shortly after the Wayfarer Flight 515 disaster, two cartel killers known as The Cousins slip into New Mexico after killing an entire clandestine convoy to avenge the death of their cousin, Tuco Salamanca. Their target: “Heisenberg.” alter is forced to move to an apartment and comes clean about manufacturing meth to Skyler White, who promises not to divulge his criminal activities if he grants her a divorce and keeps his distance. Jesse Pinkman, meanwhile, emerges from rehab changed by Jane Margolis’s death. “I’m the bad guy,” he tells Walt, who has quite a different self-image: “I am not a criminal,” Walt tells Gustavo Fring, declining the businessman’s offer of $3 million to cook meth for three months…


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