Breaking Bad S04 Season 4 1080p HDRip x265 HEVC AAC-JOY

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Breaking Bad S04 Season 4 1080p HDRip x265 HEVC AAC-JOY

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Season 4 – In a flashback, Gale Boetticher takes notes on the construction of the new superlab. He praises the blue meth sample Gustavo Fring gave him to the point where he talks himself out of a job, saying that the person who cooked the sample deserves it better; Gale just talked Gus into hiring Walter White. Back to the present, Jesse Pinkman shoots Gale at the doorstep of his apartment and flees. Victor arrives right after and finds a shell-shocked Jesse in the parking lot and returns him to the superlab at gunpoint. Victor admits to Mike Ehrmantraut that Gale’s neighbors saw him at the scene, but insists it’s not a problem….


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