Breaking Bad S05 Season 5 1080p HDRip x265 HEVC AAC-JOY

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Breaking Bad S05 Season 5 1080p HDRip x265 HEVC AAC-JOY

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Season 5 – One year into the future, Walter White sits alone at a restaurant with his head full of hair and beard grown, he meets with Lawson, his former gun dealer, who gives him a key to a car in exchange of some money. Walt takes a pill and leaves the restaurant, approaching the car and revealing that he just bought a M60 machine gun that’s hidden in the car’s trunk. Back to the present, Walt returns home after finally killing Gustavo Fring, he disposes of anything linking him to his successful plot against Gus and then hides the ricin he stole from Jesse Pinkman inside his bedroom, but the laptop containing security footage of Walt is held by the police. Walt calls Jesse and Mike Ehrmantraut in a mission to help him destroy the laptop using an industrial electromagnet, but in the process of doing so, the police end up discovering a secret bank account held by Gus that was used to pay his employees. Back home, Walt tries to forgive Skyler White, but the damage has already been done: She’s afraid of him…


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