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Yallo - The Future is Calling apk

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:23 pm

Yallo Calling App For Android :-Yallo Android App Offers Free "400 Minutes" Of Calls. Want to have more advanced features along with your android voice calling app or VoIP app rather than placing simple calls. Yallo - The Future is Calling App Are Available And This App Without Going To PlayStore Directly Download This App And Also Single Link That Easily Download.
Information Application (Base On PlayStore) :- Once you complete the registration process you will receive $3 credit to call any destination in the world for FREE!
*All calls made through Yallo, both incoming and outgoing, will benefit from all of Yallo’s features for free.
*As long as your $3 credit lasts, you can continue to enjoy calling with Yallo for FREE.
*Yallo will NEVER charge you for use unless you specifically purchase additional credit through the Play-Store or one of our low rate calling plans through Paypal.
*Yallo is not your standard Phone Service. Unlike other mobile VoIP apps that offer cheap international calls, with Yallo you receive so much more than just calls. You can enjoy all our features including Call Recording, Call Caption, Go Yallo, Travel features and so much more.
*Please make sure to install app updates regularly to keep enjoying Yallo.

Features "Yallo Calling app"

FOR THE RECORD :- Yallo Call Recorder - Record your calls, Save calls and Playback when you want. You can also share a recorded call with anyone you'd like.

GO YALLO :- No cell reception? No problem! Yallo solves your cell reception problems. With Go Yallo you are still available for calls to your regular number via Wi-Fi and Yallo. When you direct calls from your regular number into Yallo you benefit from all our features for your incoming calls – not just outgoing ones.

CALL CAPTION :- Give your calls a title - Want to let someone know why you’re calling so they can decide to pick up or not? Call Caption is the answer. Write a quick message that gives someone the context in advance.
RAVELING ABROAD :-With Go Yallo you can take your phone number with you on every trip you go. No need to purchase expensive calling plans, while abroad just use your data plans or Wi-Fi and with Yallo you can receive all your calls on your regular number and for free. Take Yallo with you on all your travels!

USE YOUR OWN NUMBER :- Yallo gives you the ability to use your existing number while still providing inexpensive calling plans. This way you can save money while making it convenient for your existing contacts to reach you wherever you go.

1.) Do you have family, friends or business associates who live outside of the country?
2.) Are you away from home and want to keep in touch with someone you love?
3.) Yallo is the perfect solution for your international calling needs.
4.) Yallo is not your standard Phone Service. Unlike other mobile VoIP apps that offer cheap.
5.) international calls, with Yallo you receive so much more than just calls. You can enjoy all our features.
6.) including Call Recording, Call Caption and our travel features.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO YALLO :- Each time one of your friends joins Yallo, all of your calls will be 100% FREE! You can both enjoy all our features such as call recording and playback, call caption, travel calling features etc. Simply call their number like you would normally do and enjoy a free unlimited crystal clear call!
Much More.

What's New [ Change Log ] "Yallo"

Bonus for friend invites!
We improved purchasing stability, no more crashes, for now Smile And other fixes that you will enjoy!

ScreenShot " Yallo Calling app "

Technical Specification :

File Name :- Yallo - The Future is Calling apk
Category :- Communication.
Developer :- Yallo Inc.
Version :-
Last Update :- ("September 07, 2015")
File Size :- 20.0 MB
Requires Android :- 2.3.3 and up
Content Rating :- Meduim Maturity.
Developer :- "http://yallo.com" Email :- support@yallo.com
Rate :- (" 4 / 5 ")




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