La Gata episode 118 (Yesterday's Recap)

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La Gata episode 118 (Yesterday's Recap)

Post by nyz on Tue Nov 10, 2015 12:08 pm

Hello UTV fans in case you were not able to catch last night's episodeof La Gata on UTV Ghana, here is the recap.

After Pablo had asked Esmeralda that he wants them to move out of his mother’s house and she became full of joy, pablo then chip in that on the condition of going to allow Pablito to stay with Lorenza and immediately Esmeralda refused because she could detects that the idea wasn’t from pablo but his mother and this generates great argument between the two and all this while Lorenza eavesdrops their conversation and she says to herself that they are certainly going to see who will win the battle.
Garabato’s son pleads with father to make them go to Cuidad Contrada Town to have a look at Ines again since he’s developed love for her so much and he also wants to go with Virginia so that she can also see how beautiful that beggar (Ines) looks like but Garabato refuses to take the two kids to see her.
Esmeralda confronts Lorenza to stop pressuring her son to eat forcibly if Pablito refuses to eat and she took Pablito by the hand and when Lorenza tries to deny her the right to take him away and begins to rain all the insults on her, she furiously tells Lorenza that, she is fed up in trying to put up with her because she doesn’t even know what it takes to be grateful towards someone, therefore she is done pleasing her and trying to win her over. So whether she likes it or not her children are living with her. Esmeralda’s children agree totally with her about her decision to move out of the house.
Lorenza tries ones again to convince Esmeralda since she willing to take Pablito away but this time Pablo refuses and Lorenza fakes a collapse again and Pablo still blind to detects the real Lorenza, he believes and they call hedger to come take care of her again.
Pablo decides to take his mother’s side and prefers to break up with Esmeralda rather since she refuses to put up with his mother, then the best thing is to separate.
Silencioso and Fela wants to help Esmeralda out of the mess to put Lorenza in her place but she will not allow them and continues to say that everything is fine and that she pleads with them not to meddle in her marriage affairs but Silencioso ignores her and goes straight to open the eyes of pablo and as he is not going to allow his mother to take away any of his grandchildren from his daughter’s side. He again added that, if because of his decision he is going to be as coward to say he’s no longer interested in her daughter again then he gives him no choice than to take his daughter and grandchildren out of that house for the sake of their happiness and this time around becomes nervous.
Ray proposes another robbery business to Ines and this time around she refuses and tells ray that, she has realized that robbery isn’t good job looking at how his father’s (Tellico) life ended and also how it has turned her into a common beggar to earn leaving. So she ejects him out of her room to go wherever he pleases since she never wants to stay with him ever again. After ray left, she contemplates on going to look for her child with or without the help of Garabato.
Hedger arrives home to tell Gisela about their next plan against Esmeralda as suggested by Lorenza. He pulls out the ring Esmeralda gave to Lorenza and this time the plan B is that, they are going to put the ring in a convenient place so that Pablo will find it and be jealous of the man who has been in love with his wife for so many years.
Agustin appears in the mind of Lorenza once again and he asks her to let Pablo and Esmeralda be since their love is pure and true because that love of theirs cost him his life and if she will also continue to destroy it, it is going to also lead her to destruction but lorenza will not heed to any of this advice from

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