Shadows of the Past episode 49 what to expect on UTV on Friday 13th November 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode 49 what to expect on UTV on Friday 13th November 2015

Post by nyz on Fri Nov 13, 2015 11:54 am

Hello everyone, Shadows of the Past continues tonight, here is what will be shown

Renato’s boss Counselor Serrano still gets furious about Renato for neglecting his work to do a business aside their firm and he therefore demands that Renato brings his resignation letter before the close of the day.
Prudencia continues to insists that Juanita is the one who stole Humberto’s watch therefore she demands that she packs her things and leave the house and though Juanita tries to explain things to her that she has no idea of the lost watch but Prudencia still requires that she leaves but Humberto never seconded his wife so he therefore asked Juanita to stay back and Prudencia grows so offended.
Candela keeps on crying and praying for Father Jeronimo to gain his life back and she tells Dominga that she never will wish him dead though she wasn’t able to be with him or but knowing that he was there in the church only gives her the strength to live and can’t stand to see him dead so Dominga consoles her to have faith and not to torture herself.
Silvia asks Renato to be more cautious of Aldonza because she is causing him more problems than benefits and therefore advices him to open his eyes since he is sacrificing too much for Aldonza and letting go off a great job which is an opportunity that shows up in life time all because of a woman who doesn’t even love him but Renato quickly steps in to tell Silvia that Aldonza doesn’t know what she wants because she is confuse and not that she doesn’t love him but will continue to do everything to win her love.
Severiano calls Abelardo on phone and asks him to go and speak with Serrano (Renato’s boss) to tell him that he has a good offer for him so that he can convince Renato to drop the case against Severiano and not handle Aldonza’s case again and Abelardo goes to see Serrano the next day to talk about the proposal and Serrano tells Abelardo that he can’t help him since he has already asked Renato to resign. Abelardo then convince him to reconsider his decision and make Renato work again since the Severiano is willing to give him a huge sum of amount so Serrano’s had his mind changed.
Lola goes to pick Aldonza from the hospital to go have a shower and on their way Lola sees Emmanuel and Mary together having fun as it seems to her and becomes so hurt.
After a brief of flashbacks by Prudencia calls Thomas to inquire if he took her husband’s wrist watch from her bedroom the day he visited and quickly Thomas pretends to be angry and says to Prudencia that for calling him a thief he’s broken up with her for good.
Renato takes his resignation letter to Serrano and considering the amount of money Abelardo proposed, Serrano takes a second thought and tells Renato that he is no longer interested in him resigning again because he wants him to work but only on the condition of withdrawing all the charges against Severiano and also not handle that case again. Renato then tells his boss that if that is the case then he will resign than to see Aldonza suffer because she is someone he truly loves. Serrano then gets angry about Renato and in great anger he fires both Silvia and Patricio since they were his accomplices. This is all because he saw that Renato has made him lose that great sum of money of Severiano.
Adelina seeks permission from the nurse to go to the intensive unit to see father Jeronimo and in that same vein candela has also entered the ward crying deeply to check on him and not being able to control herself, she goes straight to kiss father on his lips and unfortunately for her Adelina also enters the ward to catch her red handed kissing him and she becomes shock seeing that and scolds candela for doing that to a priest and nervousness fell on candela.
Emmanuel asks Mary to help him to fake something like both of them are into a deep relationship to make Lola jealous so he can have Lola back through that game and Mary agrees.
Renato goes to say sorry to Silvia for making her to lose her job but Silvia looking so desperate will not listen to him and asked him to leave since they have nothing to talk about.
Serrano calls Abelardo to inform him about Renato’s refusal to drop the case and prefers to lose his job and after the call Abelardo also calls Severiano to let him know about the situation but Severiano still thinks that he hasn’t lost the battle yet and he tells Abelardo that he wants him to go and set fire into Aldonza’s apartment in Mexico and if he’s able to do it, he is going to earn lots of dough from him.
Renato goes home to inform his father Consario about his firing and his father though not all that happy had nothing to say than to console him and encourage Renato that all will be well, knowing who he is and his capabilities.
Candela in all the fear after knowing that Adelina saw her kissed the priest, she comes home to tell Dominga after scolding her for a while, she asks Dominga if Adelina will tell anyone about it and Dominga says Adelina is not like Prudencia who likes to gossip anytime.
Severiano meets with Aldonza and as usual tries to intimidate her but she will not give in to his words and says to him that father Jeronimo will certainly recover and after that they will file a case against him and ruin his life forever. Severiano then comes up with the issue that, Aldonza should start finding himself a new lawyer since Renato is fired and she refuses to believe and asks him how he managed to know, so Severiano draws her attention that she shouldn’t forget that he is Severiano Mendoza who gets to know of everything with his position.
Abelardo enters Aldonza’s apartment and set fire on it as requested by Severiano Mendoza.

Stay tuned to Shadows of the Past (La sombre de la Pasado) on UTV from Fridays - Sundays at 8:00pm - 9:00pm

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