Shadows of the Past episode 50 what to expect on UTV on Saturday 14th November 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode 50 what to expect on UTV on Saturday 14th November 2015

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We are continuing with with Shadows of the Past, here is what to expect tonight

After Abelardo had set fire in Aldonza’s apartment, he calls Severiano to inform him about the accomplished job and Severiano congratulates him and asked him to return to Santa Lucia.
Severiano knowing that a statement can be filed against him when father Jeronimo gets up from his hospital bed, he smartly goes to present himself to the authorities that he’s come to place himself at their disposal for any investigation his accident since he knows that definitely they will requests for his presence after the report.
Immediately after he’s left the police station, Aldonza also arrives to file a case against Severiano concerning father Jeronimo’s accident but the authorities will not listen to her stating that Severiano came here to present himself for that same case concerning the accident and they think that a person who is indeed guilty of an offence will not put himself at risk like that. Aldonza grows so furious and asked them to open their eyes since Severiano only came there so they will have no reason to accuse and arrest him but still her accounts weren’t taken into consideration.
Aldonza arrives at the hospital to inform Adelina about the situation she encountered at the police station and whiles they keep pondering over it, the real estate agent calls to inform her about her burnt apartment and hell break lose in Aldonza and Adelina’s heart. She then calls Renato to inform him and says it is Severiano who is capable of doing that and he suggests that he will go and check on the burnt apartment for her so she can take care of her uncle and then know the next step to take.
Mary seeing that things she can make things work between Emmanuel and her, she intentionally goes to Lola at her mum’s shop and in a sarcastic way asks them to be friends since she (Lola) has let go off Emmanuel for her and in a reluctant way Lola shook hands with her.
Renato and Patricio go to check the burnt apartment and they meet with the real estate agent and he tells them that, from the scene the fire officer states it clearly that the fire was an intentional idea and not any electrical triggering. They tried to enquire from the apartment watchman who Abelardo bump into at the entrance if he can give them any clue about someone who entered and to their shock this man can’t remember a thing and all of them gathered becomes confused especially Renato and Patricio. They also requires that Aldonza pays for the damage the fire caused for the other neighbors and this is the case she also have no insurance for the apartment but Renato accepts to help her but first to sell the burnt apartment and use the money to settle the neighbors since there was nothing left to be taken, if not they are going to sue her.
Prudencia buy a nice wrist watch and after asks the owner not to blow a word about it to his husband (Humberto) because she wants to surprise him. Thinking that Prudencia was almost going home to surprise her husband as stated, she goes straight to see Thomas to give him the watch to ask his forgiveness so they could go on with the forbidden relationship. Thomas took her inside and asks her that the only way he can forgive her is to go to bed with him and not just the mere gift. Whiles they sentiments arise to have fun, a little boy interrupts them three times and says he’s coming for bible studies and Prudencia tells him that it is meant for adults and not children and after this Thomas’ enthusiasm went off.
Adelina excuses Aldonza to go home and shower down and on her way she bumps into Severiano and once again he tries to intimidate her and Adelina not being able to contain his stupidity, slaps him and warn him again not to try her patience. She then left him hanging all by himself.
Father Jeronimo partly comes out of comma and whiles Aldonza stands beside him and he start to say about the existence of Roberta’s baby girl and how they lied to her that she was dead and Aldonza will not take it lightly though Humberto asks her not to take it serious since people in that situation tends to say things that do not even exist but still Aldonza insists that she hears more but Humberto walks her out of the room. Humberto after attending to father Jeronimo comes out to ask Aldonza not to take what her uncle was saying about Roberta’s child serious since it is the fever that is causing that and Aldonza just stirs at him closely and could sense something fishy in his advice.
Cristobal looking at how worried and over-reactive his mum has become concerning father Jeronimo’s situation, he asks his mum that, if indeed she claims to love father Jeronimo so much then, why does she hate Aldonza to that extent since they are of the same blood but she answers that, father Jeronimo is far different from his niece Aldonza.
Severiano goes to see Humberto at his office to enquire about father Jeronimo and after Humberto tells him that he’s showing signs of improvement, Severiano tells him that he wishes that he dies and immediately Humberto starts to believe that what Aldonza said about Severiano having a hand in the accident may be true and he asks Severiano about it. Severiano then again asks Humberto to kill father Jeronimo to put an end to his (Jeronimo) suffering.

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