The UNFORGIVABLE continues today on UTV read what to expect in episode 3

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The UNFORGIVABLE continues today on UTV read what to expect in episode 3

Post by nyz on Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:55 am

Veronica assures Martin she is ok after they have some eye contact and a very short conversation. And Veronica Prado Castelo (being her full name) calls Martin a hero for herself. Mariana who is Veronica's friend shows up and Martin could have used this opprtunity to find out Veronica's full name only to be interferred by the one I call "the boss of the moment".
At the the club Martin makes it clear to a friend why he wants to work at the club and the reason is to get closer to the Prado Castelos in
order to avenge his half brother, Demetrio's death. And this time he is at the club for some paperwork in order to be acccepted officially as a
staff at the club. Later on, Virginia and Emi together with Mariano and Veronica are also spotted at the club.

At the office Salma joins Jorge, and Salma is happy because of the party that is coming on the next day in honour Emi. Meanwhile,Salma and
Jorge doesn't agree on the educatin matters concerning the family in Spain and other areas.

Whilst Mariana is more than happy to join the upcoming party with her boyfriend (Pablo); Emi who is the reason the party is being thrown is
not all that excited about the party. Mariana therefore goes ahead to introduce his boyfriend Pablo to Emi and Vero since Virginia alreday
knows Pablo.

Salma thinks Vero is not part of the family since she was adopted and therefore should not mingle with the family's business. But Jorge
thinks Vero deserves the same privilledges the real family members (including Emi) should have. Salma even insists that Veronica should
leave the house and lead her own life without the help of the family. Salma says she has a hard time getting along with Veronica and doesn't
want her to have a negative influence on Emi. And hence Salma wants
Veronica to get a job somewhere else and leave the house.

THIS AND MANY MORE IS COMING UP IN TODAY'S EPISODE Catch The Unforgivabe Lo Imperdonable tonight @ 8pm on UTV

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