Shadows of the Past episode 56 what to expect on UTV on Saturday 28th November 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode 56 what to expect on UTV on Saturday 28th November 2015

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We are continuing with with SHADOWS OF THE PAST (La sombre de la Pasado)

After Aldonza and Emmanuel saw Valeria and Cristobal kissing, she gets very affected and says to Cristobal to forget about going on with their wedding plans since she has seen that there is no way he can resist Valeria and no matter the apology from Cristobal Aldonza refuses to listen. Cristobal gets so angry
Melesio speaks with Severiano and he asks him that it seems too harsh for him to fire Emmanuel when he only defended Aldonza and it was the right thing he did since it’s never right for a man to hit a woman and Severiano tells Melesio that if he feels he is not comfortable with what he did then he can also go after Emmanuel since it is so easy for him to look for someone who can replace him (Melesio).
Severiano confronts candela for letting Aldonza into the ranch to humiliate him in front of all the workers but candela sees no wrong with it since she has achieved what she wanted and that is causing confusing between Cristobal and Aldonza. She again told him that Aldonza had every right to throw the cheque before him because he had no point in paying for the hospital bill to just clear his guilty conscience for causing the accident or whatsoever it may be.
Emmanuel tries to make Aldonza see to reason that it was Valeria who started the kiss looking at things but Aldonza says to him that though it might seem very difficult to believe but if even that was the case Cristobal was the one who encouraged it and therefore it is over between them.
Prudencia looking so angry goes to see Abelardo his house and immediately he opens the door, Prudencia slaps him twice to warn him never to go closer to her daughter again because Valeria only used him to make Cristobal jealous and not that she is so much in love with him (Abelardo) if not he will have her to contend with and Abelardo asks her to also warn Valeria because she is the one forcing herself on him and not his fault.
Cristobal confronts his mother to ask why they (Valeria and candela) came up with that kissing plan against her own son and candela pretends not to have any idea about it but Cristobal makes her understand that, no matter what they try to do there is no way she can separate Aldonza and him.
Aldonza arrives home to inform Adelina and father Jeronimo that there is no going to be any marriage again and whiles talking with father Jeronimo Cristobal calls father to ask how he is doing and after Jeronimo gives the phone to Aldonza since Cristobal wanted to talk to her but she only takes the phone to ask Cristobal not to call her ever again and she then hanged up. Jeronimo then asks her if she thinks by so doing will push Cristobal away from her as the Cristobal he knows since childhood continues to persist to get everything he wants.
Dominga encourages Cristobal to go have a talk with Aldonza to settle their differences and not to ideal waiting for her rather to run into his arms and Cristobal takes the advice into consideration.
Valeria becomes angry with her matter after she told her about confronting Abelardo to help with matter so he dares not come closer to her again and Valeria tells her that what she has done will even make things too complicated.
Melesio goes to Humberto’s house to congratulate Emmanuel for defending Aldonza and it makes him so proud since someone needed to put Severiano at his place and Emmanuel did just exactly that and so from now onwards every anger he had towards has been erased and Emmanuel grows so happy.
Cristobal in responding Dominga’s advice, he goes quickly to Aldonza’s house to check on her but only to be told by Adelina that she’s left to Mexico to attend to some things. Cristobal then becomes so worried and asks Adelina to just give him Aldonza’s address or her number but she refuses and tells him that Aldonza requested that she never wants to see him so there is no point in giving him anything.
Cristobal tells his mother that he feels deep sorrow and pain and the reason is he can’t do without Aldonza because whenever he is with her he feels like having everything to himself and candela asks him why he speaks of Aldonza as very important and he tells him mum that it is because Aldonza is very much of importance to him in all aspect of his life as she is his happiness.
Prudencia and Valeria throw Emmanuel out of their house for whatsoever they call it as a disrespect towards them and Emmanuel tells them that he is fed up in putting up with their behavior and therefore nothing will make him happier than not to see their faces again. Emmanuel also having no say since Humberto wasn’t in the house has to leave with his belongings to wherever place he will have shelter.
Aldonza arrives at Mexico city and decides with Renato that he takes her to see her burnt apartment and in that same vein Severiano has also arrive at Mexico and has gone to check at the burnt apartment too with a gun in his hands staying guard. So whiles Renato and Aldonza entered the apartment, Severiano quickly hides himself unknowingly to them someone is in there and he listens to their chart and he then overhears Renato saying something about the detective disclosing about a fingerprint to him which may seem to be the one who caused the fire and Renato tells Aldonza that he correctly told the detective that those fingerprints belongs to Abelardo Largos and Severiano becomes very nervous upon hearing that.

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