Shadows of the Past episode 60 what to expect on UTV on Sunday 6th December 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode 60 what to expect on UTV on Sunday 6th December 2015

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We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),

After the registrar pronounces them as husband and wife, the Roman sisters give hug to the newly couples one after the other and wished them a fruitful marriage. Cristobal then promised Aldonza that he is going to make her the happiest woman in the world because they have fought so much to get to that position.
Severiano still insists that Renato tells him where Aldonza and Cristobal are and Renato tells him that it is hard time Severiano accepts the truth though it will be difficult for him to but the point is that if he is to mention it to him he still can’t separate them because they are now together. Severiano find it difficult to understand Renato’s speech therefore he demands for further explanation if not he is going to have him to contend with but Renato tells him that he will never be afraid of his threats. He then drove off leaving Severiano all by himself.
Prudencia and her daughter concludes that Emmanuel is Humberto’s son looking at the way and manner he became hurt realizing that they threw him out of the house and also how he declares that Emmanuel is not a nonentity as they thought rather comes from a good family. Valeria then tells her mother that what even worries her now is that Cristobal has gone to Mexico city just to be with Aldonza and right there Prudencia advises her that if that is so, if she were her, she would forget about Cristobal for good because no matter what Aldonza will do anything to have Cristobal all to herself.
Lola goes to plead with Patricio to forgive her for the slap she gave him for stealing a kiss from him and he forgives her and asks them to start all over again without any misunderstanding.
Mary goes to see her father to plead with him to give Emmanuel a job at the bank and Uriel tells gives her a positive answer and she becomes so happy and thanked her dad.
Emmanuel goes to see father Jeronimo and buys him chocolate and after he reached there, he tells him all about his misfortune and how he’s become so lonely since he has no one to attend to and father Jeronimo consoles him that he will forever be there for him because being thrown out of the ranch can either be a blessing or curse depending on how he will chose to make out of it.
Renato calls Silvia to ask her if she is the one who gave Cristobal his address to come look for Aldonza because as it is now they are married and he finds it so weird how come he got to know the exact place Aldonza was. Silvia tells him that she has no idea and Renato asks her to forgive him since he doesn’t know what to think any more than to blame her.
Madam Emma day in and out grows so worried about her son Abelardo’s disappearance and shed painful tears and Lola consoles her to calm down and have the faith that he will definitely return.
Abelardo calls Severiano to ask him for money since he has used all his money to gamble but Severiano refuses and right after the call, Abelardo sneaks into his parent’s house to steal his father’s money but after taking the money needed, unfortunately for him Mary enters the house and asks him where he’s hidden himself but he refused to tell her and only asks her to tell their parent that she saw him and that he is fine.
Emmanuel goes to the ranch to visit his horse friend Solitario and whiles with him, Melesio arrives to inform him that, the horse has been sold and will be delivered to his owner the following week. Emmanuel becomes so worried and promise Melesio that he is going to buy that horse no matter what with that amount. He goes quickly to ask Mary to help him get that money to buy Solitario for a horse race and Mary promises to help him.
Cristobal and Aldonza sit at the restaurant to spend some time together as newly couple, unfortunately Severiano and Alvatrie bumps into them and Severiano and he tries to rain insult on Aldonza and since Cristobal couldn’t stand for his father to do that towards his wife has to challenge his father, it develops into great argument and the restaurant owner has to come in to stop them.
Humberto attends to treat father Jeronimo and he seized the opportunity to ask him about the Roberta’s daughter again and Humberto still says to him that she died immediately she was given birth to.
Severiano and Alvatrie go home after witnessing the embarrassment in trying to confront Aldonza seeing him with Cristobal, Alvatrie becomes so worried and she tells it straight to Severiano that, from what she can deduce from what happen at the restaurant today, she can specifically tell Severiano that, she spoke to his son as his rival and not his son because it felt like he is also in love with Aldonza. But to tell him the truth, Aldonza is very pretty and it is logical that Cristobal is crazy about her but the fact is that, Severiano can’t stand a chance since Cristobal much younger, attractive and more handsome than him and got everything that he will never have and that is what will make Aldonza never to fall in love with him (Severiano).

Stay tuned to La sombre de la Pasado (shadows of the past) on UTV from Fridays - Sundays at 8:00pm

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