Shadows of the Past episode 61 what to expect on UTV on Friday 11th December 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode 61 what to expect on UTV on Friday 11th December 2015

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Severiano and Alvatrie arrive home and she tells Severiano that he spoke to Cristobal as his rival and not his son because his son has everything that he can never have. Silvia and Patricio engage themselves in a chat and shortly Joaquin arrives to ask Silvia to help him report to the police to file a case against Flabia for kidnapping and running away with his child and though Silvia preferred that they do it the next day, Joaquin insists so they go to file the case as he expected.
Emmanuel and Lola bumps into each other and whiles talking, Prudencia arrives to warn Emmanuel never to make a step into her house ever again now that he’s realized that Humberto is his father and also he shouldn’t think of getting any inheritance. The whole thing feels so weird to Emmanuel since that is the first time of hearing that from someone that Humberto is his father.
Cristobal tries to make love to Aldonza and suddenly Aldonza remembers Severiano’s rape and she pushes Cristobal off her and asked him out of the room. Cristobal goes straight to the restaurant to clear his mind on the circumstances and within a while, a lady appears from nowhere and wanted to take advantage of his loneliness but Cristobal being gentleman enough, shows her his ring to tell her that he is a married man. He then left the lady and went back home.
In that same vein, Aldonza also goes to see mother superior at the roman sisterhood to confess to her about Severiano’s rape and she advises her to inform Cristobal about it. So Aldonza arrives exactly the same time Cristobal also arrives and she discloses to him about the rape case and looking at how Cristobal took it in bad fate and feels like want to take revenge on that person Aldonza talks about, she refused to disclose the personality of the man who took advantage of her. But upon all odds, Cristobal calms Aldonza down and promise her that he will help her recover from her pain and make her a happy woman.
Renato gets very drunk and arrives home very late and his father meets him to enquire from him why he is in that mood and he confesses to him that, it is because Aldonza and Cristobal got married to ruin all of the idea he had to have a relationship with Aldonza. His father then asks him to calm down and accept it as it is because he is also definitely going to get a woman of his own.
Mr. Uriel and Madam Emma arrive home to find out that his watch and money are missing and after asking Mary, she discloses to them that, Abelardo was the one who took the money and the watch. They become very worried and wish they were there to help him out.
Abelardo tells Thomas that he is going to start his blackmail on Prudencia for money since he’s run out of money but Thomas warn him not to try his patience if not he’s going to throw him out of their house for the police to get hold of him for which ever reason he’s hiding from them.
Emmanuel goes to ask Humberto if truly he is his father and after Humberto tells him that he is not, Emmanuel grows so furious and insists that he tells him who his real parents are but Humberto refuses but Emmanuel tells him that no matter what he is going to find out the truth himself.
Severiano forces Alvatrie into bed against her wish after seeing her pack her things to leave and get rid of Severiano. After, Severiano makes several calls with candela and Alvatrie becomes so jealous and questions Severiano on why he refuses divorce candela upon all the problems they encountered and Severiano declares to her that no matter whatever problem that comes between him and his wife, they are never going to get divorced but she Alvatrie is still going to be at his back and call.

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