A Wife’s Credentials (2012) Complete Korean-Drama Eng-Sub

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A Wife’s Credentials (2012) Complete Korean-Drama Eng-Sub

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A Wife’s Credentials (2012)
Title: 아내의 자격 / Anaeui Jagyuk
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-29 to 2012-Apr-19
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 20:45
Original Soundtrack: A Wife’s Credentials OST
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

A housewife is in a state of ambivalence about her children’s education and the craze towards private education. Seo-Rae (Kim Hee-Ae) is married to Sang-Jin (Jang Hyun-Sung), a reporter at a broadcasting company. They have a son named Gyeol who is in the 5th grade of elementary school. Since her son was born, Seo-Rae has focused on helping her son recover from atopy and asthma. She also focuses on her son developing a good character, rather than having constant schooling & tutoring. On her first day in a new neighborhood, she meets Tae-Oh (Lee Sung-Jae), who works as a dentist, and she falls in love with him.

A.Wifes.Credentials.E01.120229.HDTV.H264-karot.mkv – 193.0 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E02.120301.HDTV.H264-karot.mkv – 163.3 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E03.120307.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 170.6 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E04.120308.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 160.6 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E05.120314.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 194.2 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E06.120315.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 166.2 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E07.120321.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 152.8 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E08.120322.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 140.0 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E09.120328.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 152.7 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E10.120329.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 140.6 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E11.120404.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 162.3 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E12.120405.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 139.0 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E13.120411.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 136.7 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E14.120412.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 142.1 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E15.1204_.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 140.4 MB

A.Wifes.Credentials.E16.END.120419.HDTV.H264-Khai.mkv – 143.8 MB

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