Yong Pal 2015 Episodes 1-18 Korean-Drama Complete HDTV English-Sub

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Yong Pal 2015 Episodes 1-18 Korean-Drama Complete HDTV English-Sub

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Title: 용팔이 / Yongpali

Genre: Medical, drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-Aug-05 to 2015-Oct-08
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


Yong-pal is about a doctor who falls into a huge amount of debt after putting his younger sister through kidney dialysis treatments. Desperate for money and using the alias “Yong-pal,” he begins making house calls to the wealthy, where he witnesses all manner of craziness.

1- http://uploadboy.com/pwiisdgxq6fd.html

2- http://uploadboy.com/jj1934clyt1y.html

3- http://uploadboy.com/hqszarnbq3vu.html

4- http://uploadboy.com/baphj851p828.html

5- http://uploadboy.com/ys6rdth3s0n0.html

6- http://uploadboy.com/1dkgn2ly2pn6.html

7- http://uploadboy.com/x17kzygvrls1.html

8- http://uploadboy.com/ejy6e3d0eqp1.html

9- http://uploadboy.com/a0i0lzhorib2.html

10- http://uploadboy.com/an4pncqvd5mw.html

11- http://uploadboy.com/dp2cqovcbh5s.html

12- http://uploadboy.com/7ighbq0xevpv.html

13- http://uploadboy.com/fpjwhsgkzc4m.html

14- http://uploadboy.com/8oijjqtdioee.html

15- http://uploadboy.com/l9pu96nn5ff8.html

16- http://uploadboy.com/9fav9t8icxc2.html

17- http://uploadboy.com/ommvxz3s6esw.html

18- http://uploadboy.com/w3309capabjy.html

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