Shadows of the Past on UTV on Friday 8th January 2016

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Shadows of the Past on UTV on Friday 8th January 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),

Father Jeronimo goes to see Severiano to ask him to undergo a DNA test to prove that Aldonza is his son indeed and luckily for him he meets Humberto and candela together with Severiano so he then thanked his stars for seeing the three of them since they have many secrets in common. After letting Severiano know about the DNA test for Aldonza, he again mentioned that the test will be done in two way one for Emmanuel and the other for Aldonza because he is also sure that, Emmanuel can also be his son and the child who he had with Roberta and nervousness set in on the faces of the three of them but the no matter the amount of words from father Jeronimo in trying to convince Severiano, he still refuses to undergo the DNA test. But father Jeronimo made sure to put to put them in their place in their rightful place for conniving to hide the true identity of Roberta’s child.
Lola tries to calm Aldonza down and make her see reasons that she is not to give up since their love is only surrounded by so many people whose only wish is to do things to separate Cristobal and her but no matter what Lola says Aldonza’s mind is made up already and no amount of words can change it.
Valeria knowing that things between Aldonza and Cristobal are getting worse day by day, she prefers to take a trip with her mother to spend some time without any suspicion from the Mendoza family especially for Cristobal not to detect that she is already pregnant so that she can make shopping to buy her wedding dress so that immediately she returns she can use her pregnancy to force Cristobal to marry her.
Cristobal confronts his father to ask him why he feels so reluctant to do the test but Severiano looking very angry tells him that there is nothing he can do to convince him to have the test. Cristobal then tells him that then probably they certainly know what the results of the test will which why they refusing because he can really tell that he and his mum fabricated the plan just to separate them but Severiano tells him that he can go ahead and marry Aldonza for all he cares but the doubt in Cristobal’s mind will still be there and he is not willing to do any test to clear that doubt. Cristobal then turned to Humberto to give him other opinion of undergoing a DNA test without using his father’s blood since he is a doctor but Humberto gets so furious stating that Cristobal shouldn’t try to take him for a fool and not to think that he will help him out with that after sleeping with his daughter because he also has to think about the well-being of his daughter and won’t allow him to only use Valeria at his convenience.
Adelina also tries convincing Aldonza on the same issue but she still insists on believing that Cristobal actually slept with Valeria and though Adelina again reminds her the kind of awful things a drunkard is capable of doing without realizing the consequences and which is exactly what may have come in the way of Cristobal to have slept with Valeria therefore she shouldn’t let go, but Aldonza will not listen.
Silvia calls Cristobal to meet her in change so they could discuss something and after they met, Silvia tells him that Renato is willing to see them divorced because he’s also in love with Aldonza so he forget to let them know that they can actually do the DNA test without Severiano’s blood but by using anything pertaining to him and Aldonza can help them do the test perfectly. She then gives him a complementary card of a DNA specialist in Mexico who can help him know how to go about the test. Cristobal then thanks her and she pleads with him to keep their conversation very discreet.
Valeria on their way to the trip pass by Aldonza’s house to threaten her not to get closer to Cristobal again because he is hers again because he came crawling at her feet to ask her to be with him and they made love because Aldonza is not able to give him what he needs.
Cristobal looking so happy discloses to father Jeronimo about the how Silvia has suggested to him on a different way of having the DNA test so father Jeronimo asks him to let him know about the results after they have the test. He then excuse father because he wishes to let Aldonza know it as soon as possible because he knows Aldonza is going to jump for joy after telling her how they can do the DNA without letting his father know but the unfortunate thing was that, Aldonza in deep pain refuses to listen to him and asks him to go for Valeria who can give him what he wants since she can’t do that when even they are to live under one roof.
Madam Emma goes to see to ask him to talk to her husband since he hasn’t been able to overcome Abelardo’s death and Father accepts to speak to Uriel. Following that, father Jeronimo goes to speak with him (Uriel) to be a man and stands for his family in this time of their loss and not to give up and though it was really tough or him, he accepted to forgo his agony to stand for his family.
Aldonza goes to speak with Renato about how far her divorce proceedings are going and Renato tells her he is on it. He then tells Aldonza that he’s gotten someone who is willing to buy her burnt apartment at a reasonable price and with that she can be able to pay of the neighbors who got affected by the fire and after can use the remaining amount to start something and he is also willing to invest his capital in her farm business so that they will still continue to be partners. All these while Silvia stood there to eavesdrops their conversation and she could tell that Renato is truly obsessed with Aldonza.
Looking at the amount Renato offers to help Aldonza with, she would be able to buy the buildings and everything at el-Santuario so she goes to see Humberto to ask him to sell the place to her but he states that those properties belongs to Valeria since it is her patrimony but Aldonza asks him to think about it.
Flabia as agreed on with Joaquin takes a car with Adriano together with Rai and they meet Joaquin to give Rai to him in exchange for money from Joaquin. After taking the money, she enters the car and begins to cry her eyes out but she still left with Adriano.
Cristobal goes to talk to his father that, he is ready to accept that Aldonza is his sister but on one condition that, he accepts to give half of his property to Aldonza if indeed she is his daughter but ones again Severiano becomes furious and refuses to do that and Cristobal tells his father that if he’s actually refusing then it means obviously Aldonza isn’t his daughter and Severiano tries to convince Cristobal that though Aldonza is his daughter he can’t give el-Santuario lands to her because his only legitimate child is him and he has the right to inherit everything but Cristobal tells it to his face that he can keep it because he is not interested in anything that comes from him.

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