Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 22nd January 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 22nd January 2016

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Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),

The time arrive for Prudencia and Thomas to go on their trip to enjoy themselves at Sanmegel without being seen and they meet at the bus stop to go together . Their intimacy then begun right after they arrive and without having anyone to interrupt as they wanted. After enjoying their first love making, Prudencia tells Thomas she never knew that is the definition for love and love making because she has never felt like that ever in her life and it comes as a shock to Thomas.
Candela goes to see Renato to bribe him to speed up the divorce process so Cristobal could have his freedom again but Renato tells her that he doesn’t know the kind of lawyers and authorities they are used to but he is not the kind a person can just bribe no matter the status of the person because he is not for sale. Candela then tries to convince him that even by doing so he can have Aldonza in a fast manner since everyone knows that he is interested in her but even with that Renato still insists and he tells her that he is going to go according to the process as it is and candela asks him to think about it.
Whiles candela comes out of Renato’s office, she bumps into Alvatrie carrying her luggage to a hotel and she confronts her to stay away from her husband since he is no more interested in her and also she should at least should have had a bit of shame to even return to Santa Lucia therefore she is asking her to leave town if not she is going to make her life miserable. Alvatrie then replies her that Severiano and her can never be separated because she now have something in her womb that will forever serve as a bond between then so she can continue to dream for all she cares. She then asks Candela to inform Severiano that, she is at the hotel so if he is willing he can come over to see her and candela grows so furious and left.
Lola goes to inform Mary at their house that Emmanuel is now staying at Aldonza’s house and as it is his bedroom is also opposite hers and therefore is going to be seeing him every day and for her not to hear it from someone else and them misunderstand the situation, she came just to let her know about it Mary becomes nervous but both of them pretend not o feel hurt.
Valeria calls Cristobal to let them meet to discuss some things and after they met Valeria tries to fake things up that she is not interested in him again and do not want him to feel so obligated to her due to the night he spent with her. she again says that she is sorry for knowing that he fell in love with his own sister but Cristobal tells her that with them being siblings it hasn’t being cleared up. In that same vein Aldonza has also gone to speak with Father Jeronimo about their divorce but he encourages her not feel bothered about everything since sooner or later every predicament she and Cristobal are going through will be over and is going to have a wonderful marriage but Aldonza still insists on allowing Cristobal to have a life with a different woman so he can be happy. Whiles she left Father Jeronimo to go home, she sees Cristobal with Valeria from afar and she becomes jealous again.
Candela after reaching home she angrily and sorrowfully goes to confront Severiano and she ransacks all documents on the table and she tells him everything Alvatrie told her about the pregnancy and she warns him that she is never going allow this child also to be born because she has had enough of his dirty games with women therefore she cautions him to go clear things up with Alvatrie at the hotel because she is not going to allow this scandal to happen again. Following this, Severiano goes to see Alvatrie and after she showed him the pregnancy test, he asks her to get rid of that trash since he is never going accept that tramp as his child and if she refuses then she would no support from him. Alvatrie tells her se is never going to do that since she lost a child ones and therefore is not going lose this very one to and he warns him that if ever he dares not to claim responsibility on the child, she will create a big scandal to reveal what is hidden behind the image of the don Severiano and this brings anxiety to him.
Aldonza arrives home looking so furious missed up with jealousy and after Adelina enquires she explain to her about seeing Cristobal with Valeria because Cristobal always warns her not to see her closer to Renato since they are still married and not divorced but there he is feeling comfortable with Valeria and he sees no wrong with it. Adelina then tells Aldonza that if Cristobal is trying to enjoy the company of Valeria then she (Aldonza) is the one who drove him into it since she concluded that he is her half-brother without having any proof and also she asked for the divorce and not him so therefore she is not to be hurt and also she is telling her that from now onwards she should get ready since she is going to be seeing more of this surprises.
Uriel, madam Emma and Mary after mass bumps into Emmanuel and Mary tries interrogating him on when he was willing to disclose to her that he is now staying at Aldonza’s house since Lola came to inform her about it and Emmanuel tries defending himself but Mary will not listen to anything and she warns him not to try making a full out of her like Cristobal did to Valeria just like as he is trying to leave her for Lola therefore he should be careful. Uriel then pulls Emmanuel aside and he speaks with him furiously but calmly and warn him that his family has already lost one child and therefore will not be willing to lose another therefore, if he dares play with his daughter’s feelings, he is going to have him to contend with.
Severiano arrives home and candela asks him if he was able to reach an agreement with Alvatrie to get rid of the child and after Severiano tells her that Alvatrie refused to do such thing and even went ahead to threaten him that she will cause a scandal if he dare not take responsibility of the child. Candela then tells him to have offered her huge amount of money since that I what she wants but Severiano says she is never going accept so, candela becomes so angry and she tells Severiano that if that is so, she is never again going to allow that child to be born so that he will have so many bastard children because his only legitimate child is Cristobal. Whiles they continue to argue, Cristobal overhears them from the entrance whiles passing by and he enters to question them about those bastards they are talking about and he went ahead to explain that from what he heard it means he is having other siblings but they tried to convince him on the issue but Cristobal looking at their faces tells them straight that he doesn’t believe them and knows they are also not going to tell him the truth but he promises them to find out himself about his other siblings apart from Aldonza as they claim.
Prudencia sees Thomas with other ladies and feeling so jealous, she goes straight and cunningly, she pushes one of the ladies into the pull and she warns Thomas not to try playing the fool out of her and Thomas tells her that she was just chatting with them but the only person he has eye for is her alone.
Renato tells Aldonza to give him a chance but Aldonza continues to insists that she is in love with Cristobal and that wound can’t go easily like that but he still thinks that if Aldonza is willing to let go Cristobal so he can be happy with a different woman then why can’t she also carry on with a different relationship which they can try by giving it a try. He then kisses Aldonza but she never replied his kiss.
Cristobal goes to ask Humberto if his father has other children but Humberto tells him that he has no idea and so Cristobal tells him that he wishes that what he has told him is the truth but if ever he finds out that he knew something about his father’s other children and he never told him, the image he has concerning him will break into pieces.
Severiano goes to speak with Alvatrie that, he is going to recognize the child as his and provides her with everything she needs provided that she agrees to go back to Sanmegel but Alvatrie refuses and after several argument Severiano accept that she stays but not at the hotel but in the house she got for her.
Aldonza tells Adelina about the kiss Renato gave her so Adelina tries to ask Aldonza to give Renato a chance if she can’t be with Cristobal but Aldonza tells her that she realized after she and Cristobal got married that, she can never be with any man even if she tries since she wouldn’t be able to satisfy him as a wife due to the rape and that is one of the reasons why she is decided to let go off Cristobal so she can find happiness with someone else.
Valeria goes to tell Aldonza that she is sorry to hear that they are siblings but she is asking her not to make the divorce proceedings difficult because if Cristobal and she can’t be together then she should divorce him so he can have a life with someone who can give him the happiness he deserves because Cristobal has already returned to her.
Melesio and the other workers set the horses out and since Melesio is still not feet he becomes very dizzy whiles riding on one of the horse and unfortunately he falls down and Cristobal tries to go help him up but he unfortunately gets his leg hurt brutally by the fence by stepping on it accidentally.

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