Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 29th January 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 29th January 2016

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Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),

Humberto checks on Cristobal’s pulse in his leg but it seems he feels nothing and Severiano goes after Humberto to ask what the hell is the meaning of that and Humberto tells him that it a sign that shows that, Cristobal’s artery didn’t fix well and it can lead him to lose his leg and Severiano becomes nervous and looking so angry, he holds Humberto by the neck and warn him that if he allows that to happen then he swears that Humberto is going to die to. Humberto then asks him not to question him because he told him from the start that he is not an expert in such cases but he begged him to do it just as he forced him also to help Roberta to deliver. But Severiano continues to threaten him so Humberto becomes angry and challenges him that if he’s not pleased with what he is trying to do for his son, then he can take Cristobal to anywhere he wishes to him too. After letting candela know about the situation, she becomes so much afraid that Severiano has to calm her down and asks her to go home to take rest.
Lola and Emmanuel reconcile and they both agreed to be together ones again but Lola asks him first to break up with Mary before they take the relationship to a different level and Emmanuel agrees since he has always loved Lola all his life. They continue their intimacy in bed and unfortunately for them Adelina and Aldonza barge into them whiles looking for Lola since she was not in her bed. Adelina becomes very angry though happy for them but she thinks Emmanuel should have clear things up with Mary before making it up to Lola so Emmanuel tells them that this time around no heartbreaks whatsoever since he’s made up his mind to breakup with Mary and all these while Aldonza looks at them sighing and smiling and one could tell that Aldonza is so happy for her two friends.
Valeria calls her mum to inform her about Cristobal’s situation and how she wasn’t able to donate her blood to prevent his father from detecting her pregnancy and her mother thinks that it was the best decision she took because she is not to let anyone know that she is pregnant. She then asks Valeria her next step in case Cristobal dies and Valeria looking so nervous tells her mum not to say that because he is not going to die. After the call, she suggests to Thomas that they return to Santa Lucia so she can cater for some things but Thomas still wants to continue with his enjoyment and Prudencia convinces him that, it is also to prevent people from seeing them as lovers so Thomas agrees.
Joaquin and his son Rai goes to meet Adelina so they could chat and whiles going, Joaquin took takes the candy box with them since Rai demanded so. As he keeps chatting with Adelina, Rai was also playing with the Kids on a ladder and unfortunately for him, he falls down from it and hurt himself, so Joaquin and Adelina hurriedly run to take him to the hospital forgetting the candy box on the chair. In that same vein Uriel and his wife pass by and they discover the candy box and they box agreed the owner might have forgotten it so they are going to take it to the church to give to father Jeronimo the next day to announce it during mass so the owner can have it back.
After they took it home, they never seize to admire the candy box and as they keep speaking about it, Mary overhears them and quickly she remembers that, that could be the candy box Lola has been fighting with Emmanuel to give it back to her so after hearing that her parents have decide to take it to church, she agrees to take it to the church very early in the morning since she will be passing there so her parents agreed.
Prudencia bumps into Teres and she questions her who the hell is Thomas because she never seizes to mention his name when she and her husband found him looking very drunk and Prudencia wanted to restrain from telling the truth but Teres pushes her to the wall by threatening her that she is going to ask her husband who Thomas is. Prudencia then becomes frightened and she spill everything out to Teres and so she also starts by saying to Prudencia that they are all in the same boat since she also has a boyfriend and though that she is the only sinner not knowing she has a “kappo”.
The next morning Aldonza and Lola goes to the hospital to check on Cristobal and they decide to sit somewhere so Lola can explain to her how she and Emmanuel made up. In that same vein, Valeria has also arrive just in front of the hospital to See Cristobal and so spotting them from afar without their notice, she cunningly sat on a bench closer to them to eavesdrops their conversation so As soon as Lola started, Valeria grasps every bit of the conversation and immediately she overhears them talking about Emmanuel’s statement of going to breakup with Mary today, Valeria immediately gets up and run to meet with Mary to coach her to switch of her phone or not to pick any call coming from Emmanuel because if she does, the only message she is going to hear is breakup and therefore she is also to stay in her (Valeria) house to lose trace of Emmanuel and Mary agrees.
Alvatrie calls for Lola to check on her because she isn’t feeling well. So madam Emma asks her to go see her and she did just exactly that. Upon reaching there, Alvatrie takes the opportunity to ask for her forgiveness for abandoning her during her childhood but promise not to do that again since she is about giving birth. They both began shedding tears and hugging each other passionately and Lola becomes happy hearing that she is going to have a sibling.
Emmanuel tries everything possible to reach out to Mary but she fails to pick his calls so he decides to go to her house but unknowingly to him that she is not at home since she stays at Valeria’s house and this becomes difficult for him to clear things with Mary.
Prudencia and Thomas arrives at Santa Lucia and still in the bus, they continue to caress each other forgetting that the bus is already in Santa Lucia until the bus operator alerted them and in shame they take their luggage and descended.
Lola excuses Alvatrie to go back to the shop and after that, she calls Emmanuel to ask him if he’s been able to speak with Mary and Emmanuel explained everything to her so Lola asks him to let her know if he is able to speak with Mary. Just when Emmanuel was about telling Lola that he would be going to Sanmegel to register for the horse competition, Lola hang up.
Thomas arrives home safely and he tells his parents that he was able to register for his course and therefore will be needing more money to do one or two things and as usual without questioning him, they agree to give him every money he needs.
Father Jeronimo goes to Las Animas to speak with Dominga to help him get a document bearing Severiano’s signature so he can falsify it to do the DNA Test to reveal the true nature of Severiano to make Cristobal and Aldonza to also be together. Dominga tells him not to worry because Severiano nor candela is not in the house and also considering his intention behind the signature, she is willing to be his accomplice. So Dominga takes him into Severiano’s office and after they found one document, he hides it in her suit but unfortunately for them, as they come out of the office, candela arrives to question them about their mission at Severiano’s office.

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