Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 30th January 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 30th January 2016

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Father Jeronimo goes to Las Animas to speak with Dominga to help him get a document bearing Severiano’s signature so he can falsify it to do the DNA Test to reveal the true nature of Severiano to make Cristobal and Aldonza to also be together. Dominga tells him not to worry because Severiano nor candela is not in the house and also considering his intention behind the signature, she is willing to be his accomplice.
So Dominga takes him into Severiano’s office and after they found one document, he hides it in her suit but unfortunately for them, as they come out of the office, candela arrives to question them about their mission at Severiano’s office. Dominga answers candela that father Jeronimo only passed by to see Melesio since he’s not being feeling good and also if they coming out of Severiano’s office it was because he needed to use the phone to make a an urgent call but even with that made up though a perfect frame up, candela had some doubt about the whole thing and she tells him that, he shouldn’t be coming to their house when they are not there since he classifies them as people not worthy to take communion.
Cristobal continues to ask his Severiano if Aldonza hasn’t come over to see him but he lie to him severally and whiles Severiano persistently lies to him, there was a knock at the door and after Severiano opens it, there stood Aldonza and Renato but Severiano took them aside and asks her to leave but Renato asks Aldonza to stay calm and be patient so she can see Cristobal as it is her right as her legal wife.
Emmanuel asks permission from Joaquin to go to Sanmegel to register for the horse competition as the registration is only left with just a day to close and unfortunately for him he gets robbed after trying to get himself food to eat.
Madam Emma advices Lola not to give chance and limit herself before Emmanuel again because she doesn’t trust him since he’s known to be a liar by promising marriage to both of them (Lola and Mary).
Humberto assures Severiano that he has asked for a doubler machine to help Cristobal’s blood circulation within his legs to function properly but Severiano continues to get absurd and forces Humberto to hurry up and Humberto asks him to calm down. Severiano again asks him not to allow Aldonza to see Cristobal but Humberto replies him that he is never going to do that because legally, Aldonza is Cristobal’s wife and therefore neither Severiano nor candela can prevent her but he will see what to do.
Renato need to attend to some things at the office so he asks Silvia to go with Aldonza to the hospital to see Cristobal and upon reaching there, the nurse tells them that Humberto has given strict orders not to allow any visitors to enter the ward so they decide to sit down to wait for Humberto. Whiles they chat, Silvia begins to ask Aldonza why she kissed Renato if she doesn’t love him and in this same vein, candela spotted the two chatting so she eavesdrop their conversation and after hearing that Aldonza and Renato kissed, she left and immediately she concluded that Aldonza has been flirting with her lawyer whiles Cristobal fights for his life on the hospital bed. Silvia then pleaded with Aldonza to clear things up with Renato because he misunderstood her kiss for love.
Since Cristobal wishes to see Aldonza and his parents refuses to let her come in, he decides to get down by himself and unfortunately since his leg is not functioning, he falls down and hurt himself severely and he begins to bleed and after screaming for help, Humberto and the nurse arrive to help. After taking cae of him, Humberto arrives to tell his parents that it seems Cristobal tries getting up and that led to his fall. Candela and Severiano then starts to blame Aldonza for being the cause since it may be that Cristobal wanted to see her. Aldonza and Silvia then put them at their place and left to Renato’s office.
Lola becomes worried since Emmanuel refuses to pick his calls unknowingly to her that everything on him has been taken away by the robbers. Adelina tries to calm her down and just pray for him that things will be alright. She left to the shop and suddenly she receives a call from Alvatrie that she goes to see her since she is not feeling well and Lola rush to call for Humberto so they all go together to check on her mother for her and after checking on her, he finds out that she’s pregnant.
Cristobal comes out of his seduction and Humberto cautions him to be very careful because deciding to get down was a bit crazy and could have caused his life but he tells Humberto that he doesn’t regret it and is willing to do more than that just to see Aldonza and no one can stop him. Humberto seeing that Cristobal would be capable of doing that again, he agrees to allow Aldonza to go see him and therefore pleads with him to calm down.
Aldonza and Renato arrive at the hospital to see Cristobal and Valeria tries asking her to go away and she tries to be sarcastic towards Aldonza and had it not been Renato, Aldonza would have given her a nice beating.
Humberto tells Severiano about Alvatrie’s condition and the how she is bound to suffer miscarriage if not giving proper attention. Following this information, Severiano confronts Alvatrie on why she told Lola and Humberto about the pregnancy since they agreed that she is never going to let anyone know about. This led to great argument and Alvatrie tells him that he should count her child as great hero for him because if may be Cristobal loses his life on the hospital bed, her child will only be his survival offspring in the world. Severiano in full rage turned to hold Alvatrie by the neck and pushes her on the floor shouting at her that Cristobal is never going to die. Unfortunately, Alvatrie becomes unconscious and blood begins to ooze out of her ears and Nervousness caught up with Severiano.

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