The UNFORGIVABLE episode 43 what to expect on UTV on Monday 1st February 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 43 what to expect on UTV on Monday 1st February 2016

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Martin seeing that veronica fails to calm down for them to settle their differences, he takes their fencing swords and he asks veronica to make them settle scores since that is what they familiar with. Veronica refuses to fight because there is no need of defending but in anger veronica starts the fight and asks martin to defend himself. At the end of their fencing, veronica defeats martin and she tells him point blank that what happened has shown how he handles their marriage with fear, doubt and insecurity since she thought he was going to have a family with him but he’s let her down and therefore it’s over between them. Martin pleads all he could but veronica still insists that their marriage is over but the only thing she can offer her is the money her uncle offered her so he can save the mine from the problems but for her love never again.
Emiliano believes the lies Virginia has been telling him that, she has never being with any man due to her heart problem and can’t even go to clubs like he and veronica does least to think of sleeping with any man since she feels very afraid that she will have a heart attack and Claudia felt so pity for Virginia thinking about how a nice woman like her hasn’t had some of the funny experience with men. Emiliano then tells Claudia that though she saw then in bed but Virginia has also said that even if something has happened between them but it doesn’t mean they should be together and Claudia thinks that is the best thing because Virginia can’t blame him and force him to be her boyfriend knowing how drunk he was. But he should carry on with his life and make friends with people of her (Claudia) type who is not attracted to him and little by little he will fall in love with the woman he loves and Emiliano thinks Claudia’s idea is the best.
Pablo wishes to run away with Ana Perla since his grandfather fails to accept their relationship but she tells him that though she is undoubtedly in love with him but there is no point in doing that to her family especially her grandfather since he might even think that Pablo was unable to defend his love for her. Pablo again suggests that they do a civil wedding before Crescencio returns from the city but she still resists and she tells him that it will mean a great disappointment her family and also betrayal to the trust Julio and Thomasina has giving her by making everything possible for them to meet every hour and running away can push Manuel to kill Julio. So Pablo agrees as she suggested and as they go their separate ways, Manuel catches Ana Perla with Julio though he was drunk and was being carried by two men. Pablo overhears Manuel screaming so he goes over at once to distract Manuel and by so doing Julio and Ana escaped to the house. The next day Manuel tells her that she will deny it but he perfectly knows that she went out of the house therefore he asks Manuel to change the store room keys since that is where she is going to stay anytime he is going out and also he make sure to take the keys with him so she can’t come out.
Crescencio goes to see a lawyer to make changes in his WILL and he did just exactly that before he do the surgery since there are many consequences involve.
Veronica invites Fernandez over to the school to vaccinate the pupils to prevent them from contracting any form of diseases and through the process Fernandez asks why she is in a sad mood because as far as he knows he thought they have settle their difference but veronica tells him that he broken up with martin since what he’s done is unforgivable.
Virginia goes to the grave of Demetrio and she starts shedding tears saying that he has failed her by making her suffer like that and also because he is a coward that is why he ended up this way but upon everything, he still in love with him but the part that she can’t forgive him is now veronica is the one going to enjoy all the Gold they dreamt of having to live a happy life. In that same vein, Nanciyaga eavesdrops Virginia’s soliloquy and she says to himself that, actually Virginia’s now confirms all her thought about her for being the wicked woman to Demetrio but she will not tell martin since she also want him for herself. Veronica then swears to herself that, she is going to win Emiliano over though he is much in love with veronica and after that will make sure to send his parents to hell so she can have all the money to herself and live a happy life with the man who will love her and not that Daniel Fernandez.
Martin goes to speak with Magdalene to take good care of veronica for him as he travels to the city to join Botel and Crescencio to settle some deals and Magdalene gives him her word. Martin then promises to return as soon as possible after everything to settle things with his wife as he doesn’t want to lose her.
Nanciyaga bumps into Emiliano again and she decides to take him to her community and whiles they chat, Virginia arrives and asks Emiliano to go with her but Nanciyaga refuses and states that Virginia is evil and therefore will never take her there and Virginia pretentiously demands for explanation from Nanciyaga for making those statement anytime she sees her.
Veronica goes to confront Manuel at the mine to ask him to release Ana Perla from her confinement if not she is going to report to the police to file a complaint against him for kidnapping and illegal detention but Manuel tries to be stubborn but Joaquin convinces him to release Ana Perla if not all the miners will testify against him for maltreating his sister.
Martin and veronica in the same vein in their separate ways begins thinking about the love they once shared and martin thinks he needs veronica back but veronica thinks no more chance for martin again.

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