Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 12th February 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 12th February 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Adelina pays a visit to Joaquin and whiles they kiss, Flabia arrives to see them red handed and she claps for them for that special move which she has always suspected. Therefore she is taking Rai with her so she doesn’t have to grow with such a woman like Adelina but Joaquin warns her to leave as he is also not going to allow her take Rai away to be with that murderer Adriano but it comes as a surprise to her since and begins to challenge Joaquin that it is a great lie since she doesn’t know that Adriano is the killer of Abelardo.
Severiano goes to the hospital to see Cristobal but he is told by the nurse that candela has taking him home and he becomes very angry and suddenly Valeria arrives to check on Cristobal too and so after she s also told by Severiano that Cristobal has been taken home, they both decide to go home together to see him.
After Joaquin has spoken to Flabia, Adelina asks him if he will still carry on with his relationship with her because may be Flabia may decide to come back to him but Joaquin tells her that, he is not going back to Flabia but rather he is going to be with her and make her his wife because she has always being the love of his life.
Emmanuel sadly goes to the church to speak with God to end his predicaments for him because he is tired of trying to please everyone and whiles in the mood, Aldonza arrives to asks him to go clear things up with Lola but he refuses and tells her that, he is tired of doing that because it is going to be his words against Mary’s and Lola will prefer to take the lies of Mary to his. He then hugs Aldonza and bids her goodbye.
Father Jeronimo comes to meet Aldonza right after Emmanuel left and Aldonza tells him how sad Emmanuel has become since he thinks no one understands him and after Jeronimo gets worried since they now do not nowhere Emmanuel will be going to. Father Jeronimo then seized the opportunity again to ask Aldonza if she is still going to divorce Cristobal after the DNA Test confirms that they are not siblings and Aldonza replies that, she is never going to have the divorce because after Cristobal’s accident, she realized so many things that she can’t do away without him.
Cristobal after he reached home after his mother forcibly took him out of the hospital without Humberto’s authorization, he begins to contemplates on his mother insisting to ask Aldonza if she indeed was cheating on him with Renato whiles he was fighting for his life on his hospital bed, so he calls Silvia to ask as his mother demanded and Silvia confirms it. In that same vein candela and Valeria hides behind the door to eavesdrop and they become so much happy that Cristobal has finally realize the truth as they think it will go in their favor.
Emmanuel goes to see Mr. Uriel at his bank to return Mary’s cheque which she gave him to buy the horse and it comes as a big surprise to Uriel since he thought Emmanuel is an opportunist. Emmanuel again tells him that, he only took the cheque since he never wanted to hurt the feelings of her daughter as she gave it to him with much love but if he still doesn’t want to believe him and rather prefers to believe the lies of his daughter, it is his own business and this act of Emmanuel again makes Uriel very astonished.
Emmanuel again goes to Las Animas Ranch to see Cristobal but Severiano refuses to let him in no matter the amount of pleading from Emmanuel and he cautions him to return his horse because he hasn’t forgotten that he stole it from him. Whiles Emmanuel walks out of the ranch, he coincides with Humberto who was also entering to check on Cristobal and he tells him not to believe anything people will say about him and also to tell Cristobal that he loves him and wishes that he and Aldonza will be together ones again. He then bids him farewell with a passionate hug. From there, he goes to speak with Melesio on the same thing and from there, he again goes to give a letter to Carmelo to hand it over to Lola and right after that, he gets on his horse and straight to his horse competition grounds to make life there. All these while, Lola was inside listening to everything and after Emmanuel left, she comes out to get the letter from Carmelo and after reading to know that Emmanuel only left because she failed to trust him, she begins to cry her eyes out.
Prudencia comes back from the washroom and surprisingly, she enter to see Thomas lying on her matrimonial bed and she tries asking him out but as usual seeing how she is much into Thomas, she is convinced by him to go into bed with him.
Humberto after attending to Cristobal, he goes to remind Severiano about his promise of giving him el-Santuario after he’s able to operate on Cristobal but Severiano tells him there is no need of fulfilling that promise since he only said that out of desperation and so Humberto tells him that, he’s also not going to change the name on the particulars since it is already in his name and Severiano becomes furious.
Cristobal calls Aldonza to ask her the truth if she indeed kissed Renato whiles he was in the hospital and anxiety catches up with Aldonza.

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