Hack into windows XP

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Hack into windows XP

Post by rzusinovsky on Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:16 am

This only works in some situations.

If you dont have your pass word you can go into safe mode by unplugging your computer 3 times in a row. after you do that you should get a screen that pops up before the login page that will say something like critical error has occured it will give you some options. choose the one that says safe mode with networking. you will now be at the login page and you should see a new login person called administrator. it has no password, click it then when you are in create a new user name or change the password of the one you couldnt get into before!

note: this will only work if you

1. have it set up so you can see the login names
2. the original admin that appears only when in safe mode is enabled and has no password

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