Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 4th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 4th March 2016

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Aldonza overhears a lady’s voice and asks Cristobal what that person is doing there at that time of the night and she also asks him she guesses it’s Valeria and asks him to explain to her what she is doing in his bedroom that hour? Cristobal then sighs to Valeria to leave his room and after she does that, Cristobal ask Aldonza not to get angry and she tells him that all she can see is that Valeria wants to use her closeness to just jump into her bad and he tells Aldonza that if that is the case then Valeria will fail has already failed. He then explained that Valeria only came to give him the phone and just the mere mentioning of the phone pissed her off since he thinks he is trying to entertain Valeria so much and she hangs up.
Patricio calls Lola to meet him so they go out to watch movie but Lola feeling so jealous about Mary, she refuses and asks him to go pick Mary to have that date with her and quickly she also hangs up. She then angrily goes to inform Aldonza about it and Aldonza asks her not to get jealous of Mary because she isn’t Patricio’s girlfriend yet as she’s not even given him the chance. She again advices her not to fall into Mary’s trap by being jealous that is what he wants and Lola asks Aldonza to coach her so that she wouldn’t feel jealous but Aldonza says to her that she is not the right person to counsel her since she also fought with Cristobal for getting used to entertaining Valeria.
Candela urges Cristobal to try to convince Dominga and Melesio back to the ranch since they refused her offer and Cristobal tells them that it will be on conditional bases and that is paying them their severance pay for all the years they have worked in the ranch and quickly Severiano gets bored and gets up from the dining table.
Uriel wishes to strangle Adriano to the death or make him rot in jail for killing his son Abelardo but his wife advices him to calm down and not to make that issue a center piece of their lives since it will only cause them nothing but grieve but no matter what Uriel thinks making Adriano pay for that crime is the best.
Aldonza receives a message from Cristobal asking her to forgive him and not to get angry with him because he wants to speak with her. Aldonza after reading the message smiles and off she goes straight to Las Animas ranch to see Cristobal but she bumps into Valeria and she prevents her from entering but Aldonza not wanting to create any scandal tells Valeria not to think by moving into the ranch will make Cristobal love her or marry her because the only one Cristobal will love is her. Valeria becomes so angry and drove her car away.
Aldonza then decides to go home and on her way, she calls Cristobal to inform him about her encounter with Valeria whiles she decided to pay him a surprise visit. Cristobal then suggests that the best way to end those entire outrageous things by giving his parents the chance to separate them again is to get married as soon as possible and so they agree to meet at the parish to discuss things with father Jeronimo before Aldonza leaves to Mexico. Unluckily for him his mum eavesdrops the conversation through the door and as Cristobal decides to go out to meet Aldonza, Candela enters his room and tries to prevent him from going out but he insists and candela angrily walks out on him stating that she will be dead than to see him get married to Aldonza.
Emmanuel calls Humberto for the first time since he left to tell him that he is okay but Humberto tries convincing him to come back home since he misses him a lot but Emmanuel begs him not to ask him back.
Aldonza goes to invite Lola to go with her to Mexico to shop for her wedding dress and after she left, Lola enters the shop’s store room to inform Mrs. Emma about the invite and to ask her for permission to go with Aldonza and whiles inside, Mary quickly goes there and seeing that their attention is stolen away by the conversation, she tiptoes to steal part of her mother’s money in her purse and run off without they noticing anything.
Renato suggests to Aldonza that, it will be best to take advantage and use Melesio and Emmanuel to manage and real cattle or horses in El-Santuario to earn income and Aldonza agrees but on condition that he never mingle business with the love he has for her and they agree on it. So after Aldonza left, Renato invites Melesio and after discussing the same issue with him, he supports perfectly that it’s a great idea and he is going to also do everything possible to rear the animals.
Aldonza and Cristobel goes to see father Jeronimo and luckily for them they bump into Adelina also and they all begins thinking about the marriage plans and Aldonza suggests that he doesn’t want anything ostentatious but Cristobel declares that she shouldn’t say that because he wants the whole of Santa Lucia and throughout Sanmegel and the world to hear about them that Cristobal Mendoza and Aldonza Alcocer are now married. This generates into great happiness among them.
Rogelio takes Severiano to a remote area to take a plan B with a woman (Nasaria) and her granddaughter (Evangelina) so they can blackmail father Jeronimo that he has impregnated Evangelina
Madam Emma arrives home and after counting her money she discovers that a part of it is gone and Uriel thinks its Lola but she refuses to believe that since she has known Lola for a long time.
Valeria goes to stand at the porch shedding crocodile tears deeply and faking things just to draw Cristobal’s attention to her and exactly as it is, it her crying pushes Cristobal closer to her and after he asks about her crying, she discloses to him that, she is pregnant with his child.

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