Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 5th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 5th March 2016

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Valeria goes to stand at the porch shedding crocodile tears deeply and faking things just to draw Cristobal’s attention to her and exactly as it is, it her crying pushes Cristobal closer to her and after he asks about her crying, she discloses to him that, she is pregnant with his child. Cristobal then questions her again if that is true and Valeria answers him that is the truth and it happened the day he got drunk and slept with her at their house. Cristobal again tells her that if that is so he is going to take responsibility of the child but won’t get married to her since he’s going to marry Aldonza. Valeria gets angry and slaps him and left and suddenly candela arrives to ask why Valeria seems so angry and he tells her to go and ask Valeria rather since she claims she is pregnant and it is his.
Candela then goes to speak with Valeria and asks her not to get worried because no matter what she is going to compel Cristobal to marry her since the child is also her grandson.
Aldonza and Lola arrives in Mexico to shop for her wedding dress and they go to stay at Renato’s father’s house as was agreed on and his father welcomes them. candela then goes straight to ask Cristobal to forget about marrying Aldonza and think about Valeria but Cristobal tells his mum not to get carried away because it could even be that Valeria only said that since she knows that he and Aldonza are about to have their church wedding but will accept responsibility of the child but not marry her but still she should do a test and prove it to him and candela tells him that is exactly what she is going let Valeria do.
Humberto goes to see father Jeronimo at the parish after he compels Humberto to spill every secret out so he can be freed with guilt, Humberto grows very remorseful and whiles shedding tears he tells him that he’s made many mistakes by being Severiano’s accomplice and helping him to commit many evil acts by helping him to escape with Roberta’s child and covered it with a lie and all this time he wishes to make amends but all is to no avail and that has stolen his happiness. Father then urges him to say everything to get rid of the guilt but Humberto says to him he is not ready to face that.
After bribing madam Nasaria and her Granddaughter Evangelina, Severiano ask Rogelio if this plan taken is going to help them overcome father Jeronimo and Rogelio assures him that it is perfectly going to work and this time around Jeronimo can’t recover from this scandal that is about to blow in his face.
Severiano arrives home and candela tells him the good news about Valeria’s pregnancy and Severiano thinks that Cristobal is not going to accept the responsibility but she assures him that she is not going to allow her son to abandon his son as Severiano did to Emmanuel and quickly he gets angry and says to her that everything he did to Emmanuel and the idea of framing everything that Roberta’s child was dead was also her idea so she should stop speaking nonsense. Candela then asks him to join hands with her so they can pressure their son to marry Valeria.
Aldonza calls Cristobal whiles she and Lola arrives at the bridal shop but no matter how funny Aldonza sounds, Cristobal feels very sad and she could sense that all isn’t well with him and she requests that Cristobal tells her something but he prefers to meet her one on one to discuss things. Right after that, Madam Emma also calls Lola to ask her if she took money from her purse and Lola enquires why she asks her that because she will dare not do that and she has to beg Lola to forgive her for believing her to be a thief.
Madam Nasaria and her granddaughter Evangelina goes straight to father Jeronimo’s parish to do exactly as agreed on by Severiano as a blackmail to Jeronimo and after mentioning to him that her granddaughter is pregnant for him and that it will be better he leaves Santa Lucia or will tell the whole world what kind of a father he is. Father just got up and tells warns the woman to leave his office since everything he is saying is a lie but Nasaria response that though it may be true that it’s a lie but before he can do anything to resolve, the scandal might have spread throughout the world to destroy his image and his life as a priest will be over. Father then kicks them out.
Flabia asks Joaquin to forgive her and take her back because after everything that has happened she now realized that she loves him but Joaquin tells her they are over because he is in love with someone else.
Father then goes to speak to Renato and Silvia about the issue and he points it blank to them that Severiano Mendoza is the person responsible for the scandal because he thinks that he still hasn’t forgiven him about the forging of his signature as he never pressed any charges against him. So they suggest to him to calms down since they have no prove yet as indeed it was Severiano’s doings and they pledge to do everything to solve the situation because it may be that that woman never knows that she could go to jail for that and Renato seconds nor even the legal problem she is getting herself into. So they decide to use that to threaten them so they can leave as soon as possible.
Father Jeronimo right after speaking with Silvia and Renato, he goes straight to Las Animas ranch to confront Severiano that the blackmail attempt he planned against him through Nasaria and her granddaughter failed completely and anxiety caught up with Severiano.

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