The UNFORGIVABLE episode 73 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 24th March 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 73 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 24th March 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Salma goes to stand at a point crying and after Virginia asks about her tears; she explains things to her and quickly Virginia states that she is not to going to allow veronica to be a shareholder of the company and also own part of the properties and just before she could end her speech, Emiliano arrives to demand for explanation as to why she wouldn’t allow veronica to have a share of the property. Virginia becomes nervous and Salma has to do the talking but Emiliano tells them that no matter what veronica is still part of the family and therefore totally agrees with his father because veronica is also a Prado Castelo.
Joaquin and his family and father Juan sit at the dining to have breakfast and quickly Crescencio’s Godson Eleazar arrives and after welcoming him, he is told about the tragic incident which has compel his godfather to go to the city.
Crescencio tells martin that he is definitely going to send Pablo in prison after causing so much pain to Manuel. Martin then reminds him that if he dares to do anything uncalled for, it is going to be the vice versa since Manuel was the one who had the weapon on him and tragedy only manifested whiles pablo tries defending himself.
Daniel calls Virginia and she informs him about her uncles idea of sharing his inheritance into 20% for each including veronica and that alone pisses her off but Daniel advises her to at least accept her share since that worth million but she tells him that sometimes she finds it difficult to understand her that when it come to her, she prefers all without sharing anything with anyone whether Emiliano or veronica. Whiles talking to her, she sees veronica passing by to go check on Pablo at the hospital and he informs Virginia that veronica in town and this can go against her since it could change the mind of Emiliano not to marry her again. Virginia then becomes worried and asks Daniel to inform her of veronica’s entire move at the hospital to know if she is going to stay for long.
Virginia intentionally goes to beg Emiliano for saying all sorts of things about veronica and Emiliano tells her that is she is going to continue being jealous of veronica then they better cancel their wedding and angrily he walks out on Virginia.
Mariana quickly goes to speak with Daniel to help her to transfer Pablo to a different hospital since she believes Crescencio is capable of doing anything bad to him as Manuel’s recovery might take a gradual process.
Botel tells veronica about Magdalena’s decision to come to the hospital and also to clear things with her but veronica still insists that she has nothing to clear with Magdalena because she refuses to accept her as so after abandoning her to her wicked father but Botel tells her that he can’t just conclude and judge someone without listening to her side of the story but she still insists and not being able to contend the heat she excuses them to go see her uncle at this office.
Martin goes to check on pablo and in their conversation he tells him how Mariana has agreed to pay for all the hospital bails but he sees it as another problem since she might demand for his love in return but it is never going to work since he is in love with Perla and the problem is that he also don’t have the money to pay for the surgery. Martin then agrees to pay for all the bills so that Pablo never feels committed to Mariana.
Magdalena arrives to meet veronica’s absence but she tries her best to explain things to her and after martin heard all the trauma she’s been through in the hands of Aaron he sympathized with her and calms her down and pleads with her not to pressure veronica but rather should allow her rather to accept to come to her for explanation if not it will seem like forcing things on veronica and Magdalene accepts though not easy.
Aaron awaits in front of the corporation for veronica and immediately upon seeing her, he meets her and mentions her name and states that he’s been searching for her for days now and after she enquires for his reason he boldly tells her that he is her father but she refused to believe as she was told that he died but he tells her that it was just a made believe but he’s still alive. Aaron upon seeing that veronica has giving him an attention to his sayings, he begins to rather tarnish Magdalene’s image to her that she was the one who abandoned them and run away with her boyfriend and even he asked Magdalena to take her along but she said that taking her (veronica) along with her lover is a problem because she (veronica) is an extra baggage and that led him to lose his memory and after he regain it he’s never stopped looking for her because all he wants from her is her forgiveness and a little bit of love because he regret everything he’s done to her. Veronica then asks him on where he can find him so explain things further to her and Aaron gives her his card and she promised that she will do well to call him but he is not to look for her again till she calls. After veronica left, Aaron counted his stars blessed for making veronica fall for his crocodile repentance and trick and this is the beginning of his riches.
Julio sits in the forest crying and after Nanciyaga approached him to ask; he tells her that his tears are all for Perla but after sometime now he can see that he has to give up on her since no matter what he does he can’t win Ana Perla’s love. Nanciyaga tries convincing him not to give up but Julio ignored her and left. Nanciyaga then says to herself that as for she is never going to give up on Boss Martin no matter what.
Ana Perla informs martin and Botel that Magdalena went to look for veronica and as quickly as possible they go after her to bring her back since Aaron is a dangerous person and might do something to her.
After veronica left, Aaron never went away but rather both he and Clement still awaited at the for veronica so they might follow her to know where she stays after she comes out of the office. Suddenly Magdalena gets down from a taxi in front of the office and as fast as they could they kidnap her without anyone’s notice.

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