Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 26th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 26th March 2016

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Humberto after dressing Aldonza’s wound; she took the opportunity to discuss with him to consider selling El-Santuario to her since he knows that the property belongs to her but Humberto concludes by still standing by his words and this time he tells her that El-Santuario is a guarantee to the future of Valeria’s baby. Aldonza’s world then comes crushing down. She again gathers the courage and asks him if Severiano is the reason why he is failing to hand El-Santuario to her because he is afraid he might do something to him but Humberto made her to understand that at first it may have been because of Severiano but now not so because it is only to guarantee the future of Valeria’s child and that is his final decision.
Patricio takes lola on the date to propose to her and in a romantic way he puts the ring in Lola’s wine so when sipping she could feel the ring in her mouth and then takes it from her to propose marriage to her but unfortunately, Lola swallowed the ring without her notice and then was about to vomit since it choked her throat and Patricio informs her that she just swallowed a ring he intended to use to propose marriage to her. Quickly Patricio takes her to see Humberto at the hospital and after a scan was taken, Humberto determines where the ring lies in her system. Patricio still insists that Lola gives him a chance so they could be together but she asks him to give her time to think since the swallowing of the ring could be that they aren’t meant to marry but Patricio thinks vice versa.
Lola sees a newspaper on Humberto’s desk and after reading it she sees that Emmanuel is the front page with his new found lover veronica and seeing how compatible they look, she quickly calls for Patricio and accepts his proposal to be his girlfriend/wife.
Emmanuel, Mr. Antonio and veronica go to have drinks and he seizes the opportunity to asks for Mr. Antonio’s permission to date veronica and he accepts and after veronica to agrees to start a relationship with him.
A friend of Abelardo and Adriano goes to see Severiano at the ranch to ask him for a job as Abelardo used to tell them that he always have jobs to over on delicate matters. Severiano asks him to go since he has no job vacancy but will make sure to get back to him in case anyone one comes up.
Flabia after and Dr. Consario engages in a conversation whiles he takes care of her health and through the conversation, she shares her bad experience about her involvement with Adriana and how t ended up ruining her marriage with her husband which she wishes to be able to amend it but things seem too late beyond repair. Consario also shares her dating with Roberta which caused his wife to got ill and even led to her death but he only realized how worth his wife was after she died and wished that he never committed that adultery and mistake in the first place.
Cristobal after Melesio’s prompt concerning Valeria who might have a hand in the shooting, he goes straight to see her then asks her if she’s gone out of the house but he lies to him that she hasn’t step out of the house. Valeria then asks him to touch her pregnancy because the child is kicking her and as strange as it seems to Cristobal, he asks how a few weeks baby have just grown up to the extent of kicking and Valeria sounded very nervous and changed the topic as to why he asked her if she’s not being out and after Cristobal tells her of the shooting of Aldonza, Valeria kick him out for accusing her for attempting murder.
Prudencia goes to convince all of the people of Santa Lucia and together they go with a fire in their hands to burn down el-Santuario and screaming that Aldonza leaves Santa Lucia if not they will compel her to leave. Dominga and Aldonza become very worried since the fire already caught up with curtains and fortunately Carmelo quenched it. Dominga and Carmelo go to speak to them and fortunately father Jeronimo and Adelina arrive and tell to compel the people away but they still wouldn’t. Adelina then slapped Prudencia for thinking evil about Aldonza when she is even the worse. Carmelo then fires gun shots and quickly one by one they all left.
Severiano to prove his innocence from all of his evil doings, he intentionally calls for Melesio to organize the people of Santa Lucia so they will all contribute money including him (Severiano) to get a car for father Jeronimo so they can surprise him. Melesio becomes amazed above standard but he had no choice than to do as ordered.
Dominga arrives home late to meet all of them sitting at the dinning and after explaining the entire incidence at el-Santuario, Cristobal jumps in furiousness to attack his parents but Severiano becomes angry at him for always blaming them when they know nothing about it. Dominga then quickly clear the air that Prudencia was the Ganglia leading them. Suddenly Cristobal excuses them to go check on Aldonza. Immediately he left, Severiano tells candela that if they are going to be blamed for the foolishness of Prudencia and Valeria then, that is going to be those peoples last chance because he would have to put a stop to it.

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