The UNFORGIVABLE episode 74 what to expect on UTV on Monday 28th March 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 74 what to expect on UTV on Monday 28th March 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
After veronica left, Aaron never went away but rather both he and Clement still awaited at the for veronica so they might follow her to know where she stays after she comes out of the office. Suddenly Magdalena gets down from a taxi in front of the office and as fast as they could they kidnap her without anyone’s notice. He then took him to his small apartment to torture her and threatens her that he is surely going to kill Botel and veronica for betraying him and running away with Botel but he doesn’t care since he can now use their daughter to get money from the billionaires.
Pier and Claudia continue to have the pleasure at Cancun so as Emiliano and Virginia.
Martin and Botel arrive at the corporation to meet veronica alone without Magdalena and she tells them about Aaron’s confession to her that he is her father so quickly Botel suspected that Aaron might have kidnapped Magdalena but first they had the security checked to know if indeed Magdalena got there and was truly taken away by Aaron and of course the camera had them captured correctly.
Veronica then becomes so worried and blames herself for being the cause of Magdalena’s kidnap since she failed to listen to her explanation and that compelled her to follow her. Martin and Botel then calm her down that and assure her they will certainly look for her so veronica comes up with a suggestion that they allow her to call Aaron to meet with him since that was the agreement that she will call him so he can explain things to her about her mother and through that she can convince him to take him to her mother. Botel and martin refused but veronica still insists and so they agree on the condition that the set police men all around at vantage points without suspicions so they can arrest him in case Aaron tries harming her and veronica agrees.
Veronica buys some clothes for Ana Perla but grandpa Crescencio arrive to meet her wearing some of the clothes and standing there with Matilde and quickly he gets bored with the kind of clothes because she doesn’t want her to accept anything that comes from the outsiders but Matilde advised him to treat Ana Perla with respect because she is also suffering because of her brother’s situation as he is and Crescencio accepts not to maltreat Ana again.
Virginia decides to side with Emiliano to support Jorge’s sharing of the inheritance to veronica so not to have him cancel the wedding since that was the mentality of Emiliano and though Salma becomes worried for Virginia’s decision, after explaining things to her about how Emiliano chose to cancel the wedding, she agrees as she is damn crazy for Virginia to get married to Emiliano.
Mariana and her mother grow so worried for Pablo and they go to enquire from Daniel if he can be able to paint again or not but Daniel tells them that he can’t assure them of anything until after the surgery.
Jorge arrive and he explains things to veronica and they all tell him veronica’s plan to get in touch with Aaron to get Magdalena back and Jorge refuses let her put herself in danger but she still insist to do it to rescue her mother from the wrath of Aaron because if something should happen to her, she is never going to forgive herself. Botel calls his detective Adolf and she guides veronica on how to go about things and she agrees to their instruction.

Adolf splits all the police around at the vantage points after that veronica calls Aaron and he agrees to meet her at a particular canteen. He arrives looking so suspicious but suddenly veronica also arrives and through their conversation, veronica tells him that he has to see her mum face to face and tell her how much he hates her. Aaron quickly enquires if she really wants to see her mother to tell her that and after veronica’s response Aaron agrees to take her to see Magdalena because he knows where he is and veronica agrees to go with him.
Mariana transfers pablo to a different hospital so to hide him from the wrath of Crescencio and the police as Crescencio continues to threaten her that he will surely send him to jail for attempting murder but pablo and his mother thinks that there was no point in doing that since Pablo is innocent and therefore can defend himself.
Aaron then takes her to see Magdalena and all these while the police including martin and Botel go after them so they can all help to rescue Magdalena. Aaron arrive there with veronica and in entering the room, he pushes her down and warns her that he is not going to let her out of the place so nervousness fell on both Magdalene and veronica.


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