The UNFORGIVABLE episode 76 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 30th March 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 76 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 30th March 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Salma tries confronting veronica on her return to the house and also to make mockery of her alcoholic father and prostitute mother who run off with her lover and before she could end, Magdalena arrives to correct Salma angrily that those words aren’t true because she is veronica’s mother. Salma then becomes astonished and asked Magdalena how come veronica is her daughter and she being the mother who abandoned her and Magdalena says to her that she never abandoned her. So veronica interrupted and answered Salma that none of it is her mother’s fault but rather her father’s who by God’s grace is now in prison.
Quickly Salma jumps into the conversation again to tell her that it means her father is also a criminal which means they shouldn’t have adopted a criminal’s daughter in the first place because she has a lovely daughter who she really loved and that is Virginia. Magdalena then becomes disappointed in Salma and tells her that, all along she thought she has been a good mother to her daughter (veronica) not knowing she was wrong because all she’s shown to her is cruelty. Salma then confirms that she wasn’t in support because Jorge was the one who adopted her and not her idea.
Manuel consults his grandpa to allow him to take care of Perla from now onwards since she is getting out of control so that but Crescencio tells him to calm down and let him do it rather in his own way by marrying her off to his godson Eleazar and after then she would have no choice than to be with him and forget about that outsider.
Raymunda finally understands that Blankita can now study her nursing in the city whiles and it come a great excitement to her and her father too and she thanks them for allowing her to follow her dream. So Raymunda then goes with them so Blankita could search for the school of her choice whiles she goes to the hospital to check on Manuel with Julio and Polo.
Ana Perla tries to get some coffee from the coffee dispenser but due to her innocence she finds it difficult regulating the dispenser fortunately Eleazar appears at the hospital and bumping into her without knowing who she really is, he assists her to get the coffee.
Jorge tells veronica that he’s decided to distribute his possessions and therefore has set some aside for her but she refuses to accept and tells her uncle that all she needs is his love and nothing else because she already have more but after several insisting from her uncle just to make him happy because she is his great and wonderful daughter.
Mrs. Lucia (Pablo’s mother) speaks with Perla to clear things out with her that her son never lied to her since he’s always loved her sincerely but the point is that Mariana was just his representative when he proposed marriage to her (Perla) and Perla becomes confused. Just within a moment, Pablo arrives to tell Perla that he can’t stay in bed and has to look for her since she refuses to hear his side of the story and also as he misses her so much. Ana Perla then confirms that she also misses him and this led them to share kisses. After Perla tells Pablo that nothing can bind them together again upon remembering the threat from Manuel that if she dares go closer to Pablo again she leaves him with no choice than to kill him. Pablo tries his best convince Ana Perla but she feared for his life so still insists that they break up for good.
Martin spots Emiliano and veronica hugging and quickly his jealousy arise again but veronica calms him down that they were just talking about Aaron. Emiliano then asks martin to forget about all the happenings at mina Escondida and begin everything that is their friendship from scratch and martin agrees on condition that he respects their marriage.
Mariana and her mother visit pablo at the hospital and pablo thanked her for all the things she’s done for him bit the point is that she has to accept the fact that he’s broken up with her. Montserrat questions him on why he has to disrespect her daughter like that and Pablo explained everything to her that, he and Mariana broke up so he could be with the woman he love but she had no dignity to withdraw but he is taking the opportunity to clear things up with her in front of her mother since he couldn’t make it clear at first that, she should stay away from him because he never intends to come go back with her ever again! Mariana then threatens him that if that is so then he is also to forget about his exhibition in New York and will also make sure to tell them that he was the one who decided to cancel it in the last minute and Montserrat tells Pablo that he is an ungrateful fool.
Eleazar sees Perla shedding tears and so he sits her down so she can share her grievance with him and after Perla told him everything, he understood that indeed she’s lost the love of her life but no matter what she can fall I love again but Perla thinks that can’t happen. All these while both of them still do not know each other.
Salma tells Jorge that due to her anger she behaved madly towards Magdalena and therefore she is going to apologize to her because after all knowing who Magdalena is she can’t say that veronica’s mother was that tramp she thought she was. She again took the opportunity to convince Jorge that concerning the distribution of the property, it isn’t that she doesn’t want veronica to gain part of it but all she asks is that he gives Emiliano a larger part since he is his son and then shares the rest among them. Jorge then thinks it as a good idea and therefore will do it as suggested.
Perla arrives at the hospital specifically at Manuel’s ward and she becomes shock to meet Eleazar there and they finally introduces themselves and still he becomes speechless since they have met for a while but never new they looked so closed like that. They decide to go out and have some fresh air and after they left, Manuel says to himself that he is never going to allow his grandpa to give any money or property to his godson.
Martin decides to go on a trip with veronica so he can spoil her since they never had a great honeymoon celebration after they got married and though veronica wanted to stay with Magdalena but she tells veronica to go and by the time they return, the DNA test might have also be ready and with she will certainly know that she is indeed her mother and with that she can try calling her mother. Veronica then accepts to go with martin and asks Botel that he takes care of Magdalena for her.
After Perla and Eleazar got out, she tells him that if she had known who he was in the first place she wouldn’t have shared her grievance with him but Eleazar sees nothing wrong with it. Whiles chatting Pablo sees them charting and he calls Perla from behind and Perla intentional gripped Eleazar and they left. Pablo becomes jealous and quickly tells his mum that he has to find out who that guy is.
Virginia meets with Daniel at a hotel and as usual after satisfying themselves, Daniel escorts Virginia to the entrance and whiles kissing themselves to bid goodbye to each other, Veronica and martin arrive at the hotel and unfortunately for Virginia, veronica spots them from afar kissing and quickly she calls out Virginia’s name and enquire from her if she isn’t the one who claims to love Emiliano so so much and after seeing this, she is really unforgivable.

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