Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 17th April 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 17th April 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Aldonza goes with Adelina to confront Humberto the identity of her mother’s child whether a boy or a girl and if so if Emmanuel is her brother as she suspects and Humberto confirms it but he pleaded with Aldonza to have him tell Emmanuel first to clear his conscience since it has really being a great burn on him for a long time but Aldonza tells him that she is never going to allow him speak first to Emmanuel so he can again cover the truth with lies again therefore she is going to do the talking to Emmanuel herself without having him to interfere.
Aldonza goes to see Emmanuel in jail but she is told that she can’t because Emmanuel is going to be transferred to the penitentiary since he’s found guilty of all the charges made by Severiano.
Aldonza goes to speak with Renato to explain to him about all the unveiling secrets surrounding her supposed sister who has now turned out to be Emmanuel and Renato wonders how come Severiano can dare to humiliate his own son to that extent and that is something Aldonza also finds no answer to so it becomes a bother to both of them to contemplate on.
Melesio gathers all the workers and convince them to help him testify for Emmanuel and go against Severiano by stating that they were those who gave their consent to allow Emmanuel take away since Severiano refused to sell it to him but prefers to kill it. So all the workers together with Melesio and Renato, Aldonza, Patricio and Silvia, they all go the police station to testify on behalf of Emmanuel. Melesio therefore states that to the authorities that he was the one who gave the horse to Emmanuel and that he never stole it so he rather must be put in prison and not Emmanuel.
The police then then agreed then agreed to put Melesio in jail and quickly all the workers also accepted that if their master is going to jail then they have to lock them also up since they also gave their consent to Melesio to give the horse to Emmanuel and that makes them accomplice. Joaquin also accept and said he was also an accomplice in the act so all of them were put to jail together with Emmanuel stating that they want justice to be served.
Severiano’s attorney Rogelio is informed by the police about the workers testimony against his client so he calls Severiano to inform him about the issue but it seems he still stands by his words that Emmanuel be sent to prison but candela took the phone from Severiano to speak with Rogelio to withdraw all of the charges against Emmanuel and all these was to win the love of Cristobal back by showing a bit of compassion but as foe Severiano he was not in support with candela’s idea but he agrees unwillingly and tells Rogelio to also allow the workers to go freely. Rogelio releases the message to the authorities so both Emmanuel and the workers were all freed from prison and jubilation becomes the order of the day as they all go to El-Santuario to celebrate the moment.
In that same vein Severiano becomes so disappointed in the workers and says to himself that he is surely going to make them pay for all that they have done to him by ruining his plans on Emmanuel.

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