Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 29h April 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 29h April 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Aldonza goes straight to speak with father Jeronimo to explain things to her but he tells him that knowing the truth will not bring his brother Raymundo back to life but Aldonza still insists and asks him if he’s not even surprised that his own brother was murdered and father Jeronimo tells her to forget because that happened many years ago and therefore the dead must be left to rest in peace because she can’t solve all the problem in the world alone since she is not a super hero. Aldonza still wasn’t at ease about how father Jeronimo can just take something like that calmly.
Aldonza asks Renato to help her investigates into whoever is responsible for her father’s death and Renato tells her that is going to be difficult since that happened many years ago therefore any evidence that could have been left for the investigation could have disappeared. Aldonza then becomes disturbed and she tells Renato that though she has no prove at this time but she can actually tell that Severiano Mendoza is responsible. And all the same he warns her to be very careful since accusing Severiano without evidence can go against her own credibility.
Candela continues to try using her misfortune (breaking of her neck) to blackmail Cristobal but there is nothing she does or say that keeps him closer to her since Cristóbal still feels disappointed in her and his father after discovering who Emmanuel is.
Cristobal together with Melesio and the worker all set on their horses to go look for Emmanuel and fortunately, Cristobal sees him looking so helpless and almost drowning himself in El-Santuario waters so he quickly rescues him and takes him to the hospital and calls Aldonza immediately to inform her so together with the family they join Cristobal at the hospital to see how Emmanuel is doing.
Jeronimo pays a visit to candela to check on her and he tells her that everything she is going through is as a results of all the sins she’s committed. Candela tells him that she is afraid of losing the love of her son because she fears that he is never going to forgive him for knowing the truth about Emmanuel but father tells her not worry because he knows Cristóbal will certainly forgive her one day since he’s good man. He then advises her, not to think about such things but rather concentrate on changing her behavior for a good life.
After Humberto examines Emmanuel he delivers the message to them that he is now out of danger and that he is going to be fine but he prefers that he stays a little longer at the ward so he can recover as fast as possible.
Emmanuel becomes so depressed that he prefers not to see anyone because he feels like the whole world has fallen on him. Cristobal and Aldonza go to see him but he cries all of his eyes out without saying a word to them so Humberto takes them out to plead with them to give Emmanuel time because no matter what he will accept them as hi siblings.
Severiano sees Dominga escorting father Jeronimo out after he checked on candela and quickly, he warns him not to step into the ranch again to see candela because she is her wife and also it’s not like she is dying and in need of a priest to pray for her. Father Jeronimo tells him that, he will continue checking on candela and paying her a visit even if it annoys him because he’s doing what he’s only supposed to do as a priest and also the house belongs to candela.
He goes straight to warn candela that he doesn’t want to see that curses father in their house again least to think of entering her bedroom to see her because as far as he knows he is the cause of their problem after he told Aldonza the truth but candela ignores him and states that if it irritates him that much then he can go wherever he prefers when he sees father has entered because as it is, the house belongs to her. She again tells him that Jeronimo never mentioned anything to Aldonza but she discovered it herself after her exhume her father’s remains to cremate and through that he discovered that she never had any sister in the grave besides her father. Severiano then becomes nervous and ask candela if Aldonza actually did it.
Severiano goes straight to the police to ask them to give him back his gun but before he could complete his statement, Aldonza also arrive with Renato to at the station and she tells the police not to give the gun to him because that gun might be the one which he used to kill her father. She shows the bullet to the police offer and asks him to investigate and compare them with that of Severiano’s gun bullets. Severiano tells her she is crazy like her mother and questions the police to give him his gun but the police states that that the gun will be given after the investigation.
Severiano waits for Aldonza in front of the station and as she comes out, he confronts her to ask who the hell she is to challenge him on certain thing and Aldonza replies that she is Raymundo Alcocer’s daughter and that he should not forget and therefore has every right to find out the truth about how her father died. Severiano then cautions her that if he were to be in her place she wouldn’t have pursue the truth since she might end up awakening some demons she is going to regret and the consequences might be more serious than she thinks but Aldonza tells him she doesn’t care.
Valeria sneaks to peep on Cristobal’s body in his room as he takes his bath but unfortunately for her Dominga discovers her and quickly she goes to pull her off the door and warn her not to enter into Cristobal’s room whiles he’s bathing but should place a bit of dignity on herself and stop throwing herself on someone who finds no interest in her. Valeria tells her that if she is pregnant for Cristobal it means she knows every inch on his body but Dominga drives her away and it develops into an argument. Candela overhears it and asks for the reason and after Valeria explained it, candela tells her not to enter her son’s bedroom if he hasn’t authorize her to.
Silvia walks in the public domain to meet with a business client and unfortunately for her some guys attack her to pour some liquid content on her eyes and she cries for help since it’s hurt very much that she could even open her eyes.

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