The UNFORGIVABLE episode 97 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 5th May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 97 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 5th May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Veronica goes to inform Jorge that martin will be shipping the first Gold very soon. Veronica then ak him why he behave very cold towards her during Matilde’s wake keeping and Jorge replies that its’ because she veronica made them believe that Virginia wasn’t ill but it turns out that she is actually sick and also for making Emiliano raise his hopes on her that something can happen between them also has caused him so dejected and that he (Jorge) can’t forgive her for hurting Emiliano. He then disclose to her that Emiliano is now going to be everybody’s boss and Virginia is not going to work under her again. Veronica then becomes shocked.
Veronica then says to Jorge that if that is so then she is also going to stay away from the corporation since he’s decided to mix personal matters with business so not to cause any harm again to Emiliano. Jorge pleads with her not to but veronica’s mind is made up as Jorge refuses to believe her that the only man she’s ever loved is martin and not Emiliano.
Julio asks martin furiously to tell him where Pablo and Perla are but he tells him he doesn’t know their where about. Julio then tells him that he will definitely look for Pablo and take revenge on him for stealing Perla from him but martin again corrects him that Pablo never did that since the only person Perla has ever loved is Pablo and not him. Yet Julio insists on taking that revenge.
Raymunda still refuses to believe teacher Gabby upon everything she told her and still thinks her explanations are all lies and nothing else because there is nothing that will make her doubt her father’s integrity about the affair between her and Joaquin so she kicks her out her house.
After Teacher Gabby left, Blankita speaks to her mother to calm down and consider many things and stop believing only in his father than to believe in their father and it’s her fault that their family now is falling apart because the only thing she inherited Crescencio is his anger. Raymunda hits her and her not to try speaking against her father again.
One worker at Crescencio’s mine called Juan Cho goes to inform Manuel that martin’s mine generated more Gold and in any moment from now they will be shipping it to the city and Manuel thanked his stars for the guy to bring him that message because he will surely make martin pay dearly.
All the workers at martin’s mine gives a helping hand to martin to help him look for Pablo and Perla in the forest so that nothing bad happens to them.
Virginia presents all of veronica’s documents back to her and in a sarcastic way she tells her that she is no more going to be under her supervision and she knows actually that it hurts her very well. Veronica then says to her that is the least of her worry because what she is looking out for is to do everything possible to put her in prison for causing the accident leading to Matilde’s death. Virginia then questions her how she is going to prove that since her dear nanny is gone forever.
Joaquin also tries making Raymundo to believe the truth but she again prefers to believe her father’s lies to her husband and she says that her father can’t lie so Joaquin then tells her that if that is so then she should chose whatever she prefers because he can’t continue to beg her forever so he prefers leaving town than to be a mockery person on something he knows nothing about. Raymunda then wished him farewell and a happy marriage with Teacher Gabby since she is the love of his life.
Virginia meets with veronica’s client and he question her how she was able to send the company’s personal information to him by using veronica’s email because that could let veronica lose her job when Jorge finds out and Virginia tells him that is not his business but the only thing he should think about is getting the information to. So, in exchange for the information, he gives a huge sum of amount to her and still count on her usual cooperation. Virginia then stated that she can now pay Daniel off with that amount.
Pablo gathers courage to sneak into the community to ask father Juan if he can help them get married at the river side and father Juan wanted to refuse but after so many convincing words from him he agrees to do it for them. whiles pablo comes out of the church, Blankita and Polo go to him to him to ask about Perla and he tells them about their marriage intention so Blankita asks him to wait so she gets Perla’s wedding dress and shore for her so that she can wear it to get married and she dis just exactly that.
Veronica and Magdalena decides to set up a foundation that is going to serve as a refuge group for women who have also gone through hardship and domestic violence at the hands of the spouse.
Manuel sneaks into martin’s office to get the box that they use to mould the gold for the shipping and he goes to tell his grandfather that they are about to discover the amount of gold they have always wanted to in their mine larger than that of Martin’s mine and that means they can forget about Perla.
Father Juan meets the two love birds and he officiates them officially in the eyes of God and the two look as happy as they are pronounced as husband and wife. So he advised them not to stay there for long but come out to face the world in reality and it his hope that as they are married, Crescencio will accept him into his family. So Pablo agrees to face reality and face the world of Crescencio so he will know how much he truly loves Perla.
Veronica decides to meet with who ever called her to get the evidence from him concerning whoever killed Matilde. Magdalena tries stopping her to wait till martin even returns so they go together but veronica’s mind is still made up.
Nicholas presents a perfume as a present to Salma whiles in her bikini at the pool side and after Salma sprayed herself with it, he ask if it smells good on her skin. Nicholas tries inhaling and sensing it in a romantic way and unfortunately Emiliano arrives to see them very close and he question Nicholas on what he is doing.
Virginia meets with Daniel to give him a huge sum of money so to retrieve the video from him so that Daniel never gives it to veronica for her to destroy her and unfortunately for Virginia, in that same vein Veronica also arrive at the bar to meet with the anonymous person who called to give her evidence to use against Virginia and luckily she grows so surprise to see both of them sitting and Virginia giving Daniel that huge sum of money. She then questions her why she is giving that huge amount of money to Daniel and Virginia grows nervous.

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