The UNFORGIVABLE episode 98 what to expect on UTV on Monday 9th May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 98 what to expect on UTV on Monday 9th May 2016

Post by Admin on Mon May 09, 2016 12:25 pm

Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Virginia meets with Daniel to give him a huge sum of money so to retrieve the video from him so that Daniel never gives it to veronica for her to destroy her and unfortunately for Virginia, in that same vein Veronica also arrive at the bar to meet with the anonymous person who called to give her evidence to use against Virginia and luckily she grows so surprise to see both of them sitting and Virginia giving Daniel that huge sum of money. She then questions her why she is giving that huge amount of money to Daniel and Virginia grows nervous.
Virginia then says to veronica she came to meet with a person but she can guess that person was Daniel since she can also guess the reason for her giving him such a great amount of money. She then excused them and Virginia asked Daniel if he tried to double cross her and Daniel pretends to know nothing but she warned him not to play smart on her since he doesn’t know what he’s capable of doing.
Daniel then grows angry with her for her threat so he gives her back her money without giving her the recording but she followed him to plead but before Daniel accepts the money and gives her the video he convinces her to pacify him with her body and as usual the show comes on. After he hands over to her the video and quickly Virginia leaves and Daniel says to himself that he still have the original video and that which he gave her is a copy and therefore still have her in his palm.
Emiliano still interrogating Nicholas and Salma about their gesture displayed and Nicholas tells him not to think evil about him since he has nothing doing with Salma because he will never dare to disrespect their home. So Emiliano asks that he follows him to the office to deal with the shipping of the gold.
Veronica tasks Juan Cho to check on the CCTV camera the entrance and exit of Virginia in the house and the hospital to know what exactly happened and he accepts it.
Veronica after that informs Magdalena about it and she becomes so frightened for her daughter that, she warns her to stop all those investigations because Matilde is dead and gone but veronica still insists.
Julio still insists on getting his revenge on Pablo but father Juan advised him to the maximum before he calms down to realized that he’s only destroying his good image since he’s known to be a good person.
Perla experienced a sharp pain in her belly and runs the risk of losing her baby and as Pablo struggles to help her out the fortunately bumps into martin since he was also in the bush looking for them. So he calls veronica quickly to ask for helicopter to pick them and she did it as asked and upon reaching home Botel attends to her and promised to do everything possible to save both of them. Seriously he’s able to do it and Perla comes out of danger
Manuel mixes his grandpa’s coffee with deadly substance stating that no one in the family will enjoy the supposed gold gotten and also since the WILL is in his name h will have everything to enjoy all by himself.
Manuel and his team is able to drug martin’s workers who were shipping the gold to the city after parking them into the car and after they realized they were asleep, the quickly exchanged martin’s gold with that of a fake gold Manuel had done without their notice.
Magdalena and Jorge helped martin to surprise veronica with a great a splendid preparation birthday celebration which comes to her as a surprise but grows so happy and in that same vein, Botel proposes marriage to Magdalena and they blow the news to veronica and she becomes very happy for them. the birthday party continues and martin and veronica set on the floor to dance to make the day special and a memorable one.

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