The UNFORGIVABLE episode 102 what to expect on UTV on Monday 16th May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 102 what to expect on UTV on Monday 16th May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Martin puts on his prison wear and giving a number and the authorities take pictures of him before being taken to prison.
Veronica inserts the recording to check the in and out of Virginia and she reads through the line that Virginia was the one who actually went out to kill her nanny and also it was the Daniel who came to the house to get those pictures of Virginia during the wedding day. So to get more evidence to back up, she decides to go to the hospital to investigate and get more evidence.
Virginia tells Salma that she actually despises her for abandoning her during childhood and Salma tries explaining things but she refuses to listen to her and kicks her out.
Martin is taking to his prison cell and unfortunately he’s taking to the cell of Aaron and immediately he entered the guys just pick a fight with him and almost strangle him to death and quickly Aaron notices him and asked all of them to stop because Martin can be his savior. He then asks martin to allow veronica to give him money so he can help to protect him there but martin tells him that he is never going to do that and he is not to dare meddle with him because if not he will face the consequences. Aaron says to him that he isn’t afraid of his threat because as soon as he gets out he is going to start his revenge starting from veronica and Magdalena and the rest.
Perla calls Pablo to inform him about her grandpa’s death and the circumstances surrounding it as how he wanted her to denounce her love for him but she defended it and in the end her grandpa forgave her. Pablo then thanked her for that great braveness she showed and that has made him love her more.
Salma speaks with Jorge that she feels so ashamed and disappointed in herself for backing Virginia in everything that she decides to and that from her whole heart she regrets everything but Jorge find it difficult to believe her least to think of hugging her to give her comfort.
Father Juan leads the community to church to have a burial service and as they begin to say their last words to Crescencio, Manuel causes a commotion that and Perla needs to be kicked out from the community because she doesn’t deserve to stay there after causing the death of Crescencio and therefore will never forgive her and the community seconded him so in anger, they all move out of the church with Manuel leaving the family alone with father Juan. Later, Raymunda also felt a strange pain in her heart seeming that something bad is happening to Polo so they seek permission from Father Juan and left to the house to check on him leaving Perla with Father Juan. Upon getting home, the see the letter heft behind that he’s travelling to a far place to seek happiness since he mother refuses to make up with his father and they then becomes worried.
Aaron takes martin’s blankets without his notice and therefore since he feels so cold inside he pleads with the welder to help him get one but he tells him they put one on the bed but if he can’t find it, then he should get used to the fact that prison isn’t a hotel where one feels so comfortable. Aaron then pulls the blankets out and sarcastically asks him if those are the blankets he’s looking for and when martin asked if they are his, he tells him to come down from the bed and get it from him but martin snubs him and slept in the cold.
Polo went on his trip with his friend Dorilla and after wandering in the bush throughout the night to get a resting place, they finally discovered one and it was where Perla and Pablo left to hind in the forest and though Dorilla felt like returning home but Polo calms her down.
Veronica goes to the hospital to get some form of evidence to back her video and luckily for her upon reaching there, she bumps into a nurse and she asks veronica if Virginia is sick that is why she is come to the hospital. Veronica then becomes confused and out of curiosity she asks why the nurse asked her that. The nurse then spills out that she was surprise to see Virginia coming back to the hospital the same day she was discharged and she looked so nervous.
Perla reach a decision after an advice from father Juan that she leaves the town to save herself from the wrath of Manuel and that of the community and she finally tells father Juan that she’s decided to leave town but promise to come back. Father Juan then entered his office and Perla continues to offer prayers for his grandpa and Manuel from nowhere sneaks to the church and while Perla was still praying he tiptoes and brings his out his knife her.

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