The UNFORGIVABLE episode 106 what to expect on UTV on Monday 23rd May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 106 what to expect on UTV on Monday 23rd May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Virginia comes to meets Jorge, Emiliano and detective Adolf talking about all of the secrets Salma tries hiding from him and unfortunately Virginia enters and pleads with them to tell her every detail and upon hearing that Salma sold her out to some family for her own interest, Virginia just collapsed.
She gains consciousness and Jorge and Emiliano try calming her down but she tells him that she can’t forgive Salma for what she has done to her because her act is really unforgivable. She then tells them that what will make her calm down is if they file a suit against veronica for sending that confidential information to Serbata and causing the corporation much harms but she is told that veronica has cleared her name about the issue with concrete evidence that she knows nothing about that. Virginia then tries pushing it on Bertha and Nicholas but Jorge still having some doubt asks her point blank to tell him if she was the brain behind it because veronica never stops accusing her of that but Virginia covers it with crocodile tears that she doesn’t even know Serbata least to think of sending that information.
After Emiliano and Jorge left, Virginia says to herself that she is never going to remain tied to those imbeciles but will go away to be with Manuel since very soon after their marriage she is going to be the owner of that community (mina Escondida).
Botel and Magdalena tells the plans of getting married to veronica and martin and they congratulate them for such a wonderful move since they both love each other very much.
Pablo gets his ticket ready to go back to Mexico to look for Perla but Mariana tries again to stop him he shuns her to gets his things ready for the road and Mariana continues to dream that she is going to make Pablo hers no matter what.
Manuel goes to the grave of his grandpa to tell him to not to worry about him anymore because he is now a good Christian as the priest has forgiven him of his sins after confessing to him that he was responsible for his death. But the priest is such a fool to have believed in him but he is going to regret giving him absolution.
Raymunda wanted to prevent Blankita from going Mexico least to think of being with Arturo but her husband Joaquin explains things to her to agree to their daughter’s wish because and Blankita promised to be a good girl.
Jorge and Emiliano still contemplating on Virginia’s attitude and also the one who be likely to send the information to Serbata but Emiliano thinks that it was Nicholas since he left the company just like that. But Jorge still thinks that it could be Virginia since Salma cautioned him to be very careful about her before leaving. Through their conversation, Emiliano spills out the truth to his father that Nicholas went away with Salma. The next morning Jorge tells Emiliano that this thing about Nicholas and Salma puzzles him very much and this makes him realize that he was actually marriage to a total stranger altogether.
Veronica and martin escort Botel and Magdalena to the registry office to have their civil wedding and finally they are pronounced as husband and wife and this day really comes with great happiness and many surprises.
Virginia packs her things to go be with Manuel but unknowingly to Jorge and Emiliano her intentions for doing that but rather they thinking that it is because of the little trust they have for her that is making her go away, Jorge begs her to stay and not leave because he is ready to accept her and make her feel as part of the family and so she agrees. And after they left to work leaving her behind, she says to herself that in the end she has both father and son in her palms and that means that what salma did to her is of great significance.
Blankita introduces Raymunda to Arturo and she grows so happy because in the end she discovers how much Arturo really love her daughter since he never fails to even take her eyes off her to even sell foodstuffs to customers. After handing Blankita over to Arturo so he can help her with an accommodation to study her nursing, Polo then warns Arturo not to dare mistreat his sister because if that happens he will have to contend with him. Arturo then takes them to get an accommodation in his apartment and Raymunda thanked him very much for his support.
There is nothing Perla does that pleases her madam and due to this after she left her at home to go to town, Perla took the opportunity to even break the door to run away but upon all her try she couldn’t break out since her madam took the keys away.
Manuel still feeling so hate about losing Martin’s gold after stealing them, he begins to kill those guys one by one since he feels that they are the ones who betrayed him.
Martins lawyer who helped him out in his case, reports to veronica and martin that after going back to the office today and visiting prison, she discovered that Aaron has been freed from prison due to anomalies in his case. This then comes to both of them in great nervousness.
Aaron disguises himself to go sit in front of the corporation to wait for veronica or Magdalena so he can start his revenge.
Due to the inconveniences surrounding the gold contract, Serbata’s director decides to cancel the deal and Jorge and Emiliano have no choice than to accept defeat and then also tell veronica about it.
Daniel calls Virginia to inform her that he is going to meet with veronica to sell her the video but they are still accomplices and therefore should be there but he is only going to make veronica believe that he also wishes to take revenge on her (Virginia).
Pablo arrives in mina Escondida and straight away he goes to confront Manuel on what he has done to Perla to make her escape and he becomes nervous.
Martin helps veronica to pack all of her things from the corporation to begin her jewelry collection somewhere and Jorge ask her why so veronica explains to both Jorge and Emiliano that she doesn’t want to work for the corporation anymore since they do not trust her. jorge then discloses to her that their client has even cancelled the contract and therefore there is no client who could be interested in the jewelry collection again but to their surprise, a lady arrives from nowhere to tell them that, she and her company is interested in their collection.

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