Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 28th May 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 28th May 2016

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Humberto goes to give the land document to Aldonza since he’s now legally changed the property into her name and Emmanuel’s. He then seized the opportunity to ask her for forgiveness for all the harm he’s caused her and her brother Emmanuel and Aldonza eyes grows filled with tears of joy. Whiles escorting Humberto out of the house, a van almost run over Aldonza but Humberto seeing it as fast as possible pushed Aldonza in front of the van and unfortunately for him the van knocks him down instead and Humberto looks so helpless and it turns out that, Valeria was the one whose intention was to kill Aldonza but she ends up running the van into her own father.
Candela speaks with Melesio to take her to see the exact place where Raymundo died and Melesio promised to take her there and also wherever she wishes to go.
Now Mary falls in love with Patricio but due to guilt on her side about all the lies and envious attitude of hers to cause many problems between Lola and Patricio as well aside Emmanuel’s, nemesis caught up with her and feels that no one will ever believe her again but her father questions her about where her envies and selfishness has brought to her life and again he suggests to her that she apologizes to Emmanuel and Lola before things get worse.
Aldonza after Humberto was rushed to the hospital, she calls Cristóbal to inform him about the incidence and how it all happened, he quickly goes over to see Aldonza and to give her all the care she needed since she looks so downhearted and frightened with Valeria’s attempt to kill her but ended up on her own father.
Flabia tries convincing Joaquin to accept her back again since Adelina is now dead but still Joaquin still stands by his words and even this time around he’s reached a decision of going to the extent of filing a divorce against her and this shatters Flabia’s heart into pieces.
After the doctor attended to Humberto, he goes to inform Valeria and Prudencia that the accident was so severe that he might lose his life because at this point there is nothing to save him except through a miracle. All these while Havier (Severiano’s boy) was also monitoring their every movement and conversation concerning Humberto’s condition and quickly he goes straight away to inform Severiano about it and he again tasks him to continue following them and feed him with more information.
Valeria becomes so worried and feels so remorseful after she and her mum enters Humberto’ ward to check on him. Valeria though Humberto looks unconscious, she pleads with him to forgive her since she never intended to knock him but rather Aldonza but it seems rather unfortunate Humberto can’t answer since he is in coma.
The police get the information about Valeria try to knock Aldonza down but the unfortunate did happen on her father so they undergo some investigation starting with Carmelo, then to Aldonza, Emmanuel and it seems they all give same answer as it happened. The police then try to get to know the side of Valeria but Prudencia gets the signal (early inner instincts) and sharply she convinces Valeria to let them run through the back door of the hospital.
Emmanuel goes to see Humberto and though in comma he grows so depressed and crying all his eyes out that, he asks Humberto not leave him alone because though they have their differences, he is the only person who has always been there for him and has always been his real and great father.
Severiano goes to the hospital after Havier gave him the info, he pretends to feels so worried about Humberto’s condition and intentionally he pleads with the doctor to do everything possible to save Humberto’s life. He again asks him if he could be allowed to see Humberto and the doctor gives him approval and together they enter the ward to check on him but in the mood, a nurse comes to give a report to the to attend to an emergency case and immediately the doctor left, Severiano locks the door and then takes up a pillow to strangle Humberto.

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