Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 3rd June 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 3rd June 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
The police go to wait in front of Severiano’s house to investigate him or to arrest him but Severiano coming home spots the police with silent siren surrounding his house from a distance and immediately he stops and cursed his stars for that day. He then gathers vim and overtake the police with his car and quickly they discover him and they also chase him with their car and come and see guys, this was indeed a tough race for both the police and Severiano.
Lola really feels that Alvatrie was really starting to regret that she had abandoned her daughter. Lola would have really liked to have known her little brother. Aldonza and Lola both commiserate that a lot of people who have crossed paths with Severiano Mendoza have died prematurely. But it's time for him to pay. Lola agrees and notes that as long as he's free, no one is safe and thinks Aldonza especially is at risk.
The police continue the chase.
Prudencia wants to beg Aldonza to change her testimony against Valeria but Valeria is not happy about that defense strategy since she can’t stoop so low to begging Aldonza for her release. Rogelio suggests that she listens to her mother's suggestion but she still flatly refuses and tells rogelio to find another way to get her out. This earns Valeria a nice slap from Prudencia and she yells at her to listen. She asks Valeria if she understands that's she's being accused of killing her father.
Severiano decides to go off road and unfortunately his car stags in a mud and with the police still after him, he gets out and begins to run for his life in the forest and straight to el-Santuario waters punishing the police to that level by making them walk in the waters also and upon reaching the waterfall and not wanting to be shot or arrested, he jumps over the waterfall and swims out to escape the police. The police go to el-Santuario thinking that he’s been there but they were told that is even the last place Severiano will think of coming. Cristobal then offers to walk them out so he can head over to El Santuario and warn Aldonza.
Renato tells his father about Humberto and Valeria’s case and Consario feels so sad for that happening and again Consario takes the opportunity to tell him about Silvia's visit and how he is having a distinct impression that Silvia wanted him to tell Renato her plans of going to Europe. So now Renato knows that Silvia is going to Europe with a one-way ticket. He then encourages his son to give it a try with Silvia.
Severiano and the police with flashlights passing through Trees, Water, as they Chase, they fire shots and they are heard by Aldonza, Emmanuel and Lola and they grow frightened as to what was happening at the waterfall.
Madam Emma comes to see a depressed Prudencia and she tells her that Valeria is in jail accused of killing her father. Emma wants to offer her help to Valeria and discusses with Prudencia that her family wants the child and will even pay expenses. She and Uriel just want to be part of the baby's life and Prudencia agrees to let Valeria know about it.
Aldonza talks to father Jeronimo on the phone and tells him about Valeria hitting Humberto and killing him. She also tells him about finding Alvatrie in the trunk and the police chasing after Severiano Mendoza. He asks her to take care of herself and after they hang up and jeronimo prays that God protect her.
Cristobal arrives at El-Santuario to tell them about Severiano's escape and his last known whereabouts being El Santuario. He assumes that this isn't going to change a thing about their court date It isn't and Aldonza agrees to meet him at the court for their final divorce proceedings. After Cristobal leaves Lola asks if Aldonza is really going to divorce Cristobal and she responds with a YES answer.
Valeria agrees to make Aldonza change her testimony in exchange for living in El Santuario. Because Valeria thinks Humberto left El-Santuario to her in his WILL.
Candela didn't sleep a wink last night. She now realizes that her husband is a murderer and a crook thatn she thought. She engages in a chat with Dominga and she admits that whether Roberta was in the picture or not the marriage was doomed to be unhappy. Dominga informs Candela that Cristobal left early to go to El Santuario to look for Severiano, and Candela curses El-Santuario and Severiano's obsession with it.
Search party montage and a black scarf is found and Cristobal identifies it as belonging to his father.
It's time for Aldonza to leave for her date with Divorce Court and Emmanuel offers to go with her and she tells him not to worry about it but he insists but yet she wouldn’t allow him. He reminds her that valeria baby is not Cristobal's and Severiano will be in jail and that can make their love work but Aldonza pulls the next excuse out of her heart that Candela hates her too much and therefore they could never be happy. Emmanuel asks if Candela hate is stronger than the love Cristobal and Aldonza have for each other. He just thinks it's stupid that she and Cristobal want to fall apart.
Renato puts Patricio in charge of things so that he can just find a great girl (silvia) and settle down. Before that they get ready to go to Aldonza's divorce court date. Patricio wonders if Aldonza really is going to divorce Cristóbal but Renato bets she won't and can’t divorce Cristobal.
At the Divorce court, the judge asks if they are sure they want to divorce and they both say they are. All they need to do is sign the book. Long pause. "Who's going first?" Long pause. Cristobal finally grabs the pen and signs. He looks miserable. Aldonza grabs the pen and book, her hands shake, she tells the judge she can’t divorce Cristóbal because she doesn’t want to be separated from him. Cristobal grows so happy and hugs her and there we gooooooooo!!!!! big slurps kisses to the strains of love. The judge congratulates them for getting back together. Renato and Cristobal shake hands. No hard feelings. Renato has something for them and that.
Renato tells Aldonza he's leaving Santa Lucia to go after Silvia and tells her Patricio is in charge of things now. Cristobal offers to buy Renato's half of the business he started with Aldonza. Patricio gives Aldonza an envelope (last WILL of Humberto) and tells her to consider it a gift from Dr. Humberto. She starts to open it, but Renato says to wait till she gets home. Cristobal and Aldonza leave arm in arm and "Those other two" look on.
Madam Emma wants to make Lola a partner in the store for redeeming her from the shop to be closed down upon owing lots of interest with bank but Lola settled the debt for her and Melesio and Dominga show up and they grow happy after Lola tells them about Emma’s offer of partnership.
Aldonza comes home with Cristobal and Emmanuel is so happy for them and he hugs them so passionately! Cristobal has to go, but he asks Emmanuel to take care of Aldonza. She thanks Emmanuel for talking her out of divorcing the Cristobal.
Rogelio comes to see Aldonza with Valeria's offer to let Aldonza continue to stay at El-Santuario if she changes her testimony. I love how Aldonza lets him run his arrogant mouth by informing him that she and Emmanuel are the sole owners of El Santuario. She hands over a copy of Humberto's will. Carmelo then tosses Rogelio out of the place.
Rogelio the goes to see Valeria in jail and informs her that Humberto changed his will before he died and Aldonza and Emmanuel are the owners of El Santuario.

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