The UNFORGIVABLE episode 121 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 16th June 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 121 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 16th June 2016

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Hello great people, today is the grand finale of your great and awesome telenovela UNFORGIVALBE (LO IMPERDONABLE) and in today's episode,

The ambulance carrying Virginia is having an engine trouble. The driver pulls over and checks under the hood. He asks one of the prison paramedics to sit at the wheel and start the engine when he gives him the word. A female paramedic is alone in the back with Virginia and suddenly Virginia opens her eyes gazing at the female paramedics carefully and quickly she turns and spots a touch lying nicely somewhere beside her in the ambulance and quickly she smashes the female paramedic with the torch making her to collapse and then she escapes.

Aaron warns Virginia that she won't be able to manipulate them. Manuel holds a knife to her neck and says he won't forgive her for toying with his feelings. Virginia does what she does best – she lies, denies, and tries to seduce...

Manuel paces and wonders aloud why Virginia and Aaron are taking so long. Weren't they able to buy the guns in Pueblo Verde? He tries to catch a few winks on the cot in the hut. Suddenly a familiar voice cuts through the silence. "Manuel." He turns and sees Crescencio."You have learned nothing. I never raised you to take the path of evil."

Manuel's eyes are bugging out of his head. He cowers in the corner, seeming to grow smaller and smaller."Repent before it's too late!"

The miraculously recovered father Juan presides over the wedding of Arturo and Blanquita in the church in Mina Escondida. Martin and Vero are there, and so are Botel and Magdalena. Ramón, accompanied by an attractive young lady, is sitting front and center in a shocking pink jacket.

Aaron, Manuel and Virginia lurk in the shadows outside the church. Aaron says there's not a single soul in town. "It's like that here when there's a wedding or a funeral," Manuel explains. "This time they're going to have both, thanks to us," Virginia says with a smile. Manuel strokes her cheek. The three agree that even if one of them is caught, the others will carry out their vengeance. "But they won't catch us," declares Virginia.

The night sky lights up with fireworks to the delight of the wedding party. Suddenly a gun is fired and all eyes turn to the sound. And there is Aaron standing at the top of the stairs threatening to kill anyone who moves. Nanciyaga runs somewhere.

Martín and Pablo approach Aaron and try to draw his attention away from their women. Meanwhile Vero runs to tell Magdalena what is happening. Raymunda runs to find Polo and Ana Perla don’t want to leave Pablo.

Aaron screams that he has come for Veronica and Magdalena. He fires into the air repeatedly. Martin says the police are on their way. "That remains to be seen," says Aaron. He starts to limp away and Martin and Pablo run after him.

That's the cue for Virginia, in a black hooded bat-like blouse, and Manuel to pounce on Ana Perla. Manuela claps a hand over her mouth and holds a knife to her throat.

Martin catches up with Aaron, who seems to have dropped his gun and they scuffle. Martin won't kill him he wants to turn him over to the police. But as usual, it doesn't turn out that way. Somehow, Aaron manages to push Martin down a slope and As Martin clings perilously to the steep edge, Aaron shouts after him: “You're as stupid as you are brave”. "You fell right into a trap!" They thought Aaron was done with, but he's better than ever and the fun is just getting started! And now he's going to get Magdalena and Veronica!

Virginia follows Magdalena and Veronica, following them into the church where they are praying. Pointing her gun at mother and daughter, she tells them they have Martín. She orders Veronica to come with her and Vero does that for Martin’s sake as Martin is still scratching to hold on.

Now Aaron stumble swoops in and grabs Magdalena. Vero sees this and it spurs her to action. Catching Virginia off-guard, she pushes her down and knocks the gun out of her hand, and then runs after Aaron and Magdalena. Virginia gets up and picks up the gun, but before she can pursue Vero, the police arrive and give chase. Meanwhile Vero mounts a horse and rides off to rescue Magdalena.

"Now I know what I have to do," Manuel tells Ana Perla. They are in the hut where the Evil Trio has been hiding. At the moment, he is shrinking on the cot. When Pablo rushes in, Manuel points to Crescencio’s ghost and says: "Tell me you don't see him!"

Then Crescencio’s ghost speaks: “Only you can see me. I'll be the voice that echoes in your head for the rest of your life”.

Manuel then begs them to help him. Pablo asks Ana Perla what is happening. She says she's afraid her brother has gone mad. "Get out and leave me alone," screams Manuel. Pablo has to drag Ana Perla away because she doesn't want to leave him.

Meanwhile, when Vero finally reaches Aaron, he pushes her down and she falls, hitting her head on a rock. Then he concentrates on Magdalena.

Manuel, no longer able to live with his demons and the haunt of Crescencio’s ghost, he climbs on a rickety table and hangs himself from an overhead beam. I think he deserves it or guys what do you think?

A fire is blazing while Magdalena is tied to a tree. She watches helplessly as Aaron ties up Veronica making her to watch her daughter die and then he'll take care of her. Somehow, Magdalena breaks loose. Picking up a stout stick, she stands behind Aaron and swings. Thwack! A home run! Aaron tumbles over and falls into the flames. Magdalena quickly frees Veronica.

Virginia returns to the hut only to find Manuel's dead body hanging from the rafters. She cries out: "No, not you, Manuel you were all I had left! I lost Demetrio and I lost you too!"

Veronica tosses a rope to Martin and uses her horse to pull him up and over the edge. What a woman!

But the evil Virginia is still on the loose and I guess those little Pueblo Verde cops were no match for her and intent on getting even with "all of them."

Aarón is a little burnt, but he can still hobble along behind Veronica and his hands tied together and bound by a rope to the horse. Martin brings up the rear.
Now Nanciyaga and Emiliano are together! "Maybe our destiny is present for us here," Nanciyaga says.

Virginia watches Emi and Nanci and thought bubbles that her enemies are going to fall, one by one.

Emi and Nanci stand in a stream, where she gives a blessing for souls who join like currents of a river. She knows that the man as blonde as the sun wants to open his heart to her. Emi is mystified and he asks her to speak more plainly. She will, but first they have to purify themselves in the river. Emi still doesn't understand why they have to do all this.

The hooded figure of Virginia approaches silently. She takes careful aim and fires, hitting Emiliano in the back. Nanci holds Emi and cries out that the Virginia is going to die, and that her body will fall and break into a thousand pieces.

"I hate you," screams Virginia. "If you hadn't opened your mouth and revealed everything about Demetrio, I would be the Prado Castelo heir right now."

Nanciyaga addresses Emiliano, who slumps over as if dead: "Now do you understand my words? Our destiny was written." Nanciyaga pivots around and Virginia shoots her in the back.

"The sun and the moon will love each other among the waters. Every sunset and every sunrise they will meet again." She kisses him and they fall together, swirling deep down into the water.

Martin, Vero, Salma and Jorge are together in Pierre's hotel. They are mourning Emiliano's death.

A vertigo inducing moment later, Virginia is pointing a gun at Veronica on a fragile-looking suspension bridge high over the river. As Martin, Salma, Pablo and Ana Perla look on in horror, the V-girls struggle and both fall into the river. They survive the fall, but the death struggle continues in the water.

When the group on the bridge hurries down toward the water, we see that father Juan is also with them.

Now Martin is in the water too. He swims up to the battling V-girls and pushes Virginia away. Vero and Martin struggle to stay above water.

They are all out of the water. Virginia is standing at the edge of the waterfall and Pablo is urging her to turn herself in. "I don't want to go to prison," she wails.

father Juan tries to reason with her: "If you turn yourself in, we can negotiate a reduction of your sentence."

She's no fool, she says. She knows she'd be locked up for life. She knows they all hate her but she hates them much, much more.

Salma steps forward and says she has always loved her. Virginia appears moved. She allows Salma to get closer and to embrace her. Then she says into Salma's ear: You have always been a fool! She tightens her grip and slues around, trying to take Salma over the edge with her. But Salma somehow resists, clinging to the top, and the others are able to pull her back.

It is only Virginia who falls to her solitary, bitter death... and her body breaks into a thousand pieces as prophesied by Nanciyaga.

Jeronimo proposes to Rebecca.

Martin and Vero renew their vows at the waterfall of their first passionate encounter. Father Juan gives them his blessing. Their nearest and dearest (or at least those who have survived this bloody novella) applaud and shower them with white petals.

Martin and Vero embrace. Vero is convinced that everything in her life led her to this place, to Martin and to their little paradise.

"My paradise is loving you," replies Martin, "and I'm going to love you every day of my life."


NOTE: UTV wants to thank you so much for staying with us till date. We say God bless you and keep enjoying UTV Telenovelas. Let’s enjoy our new telenovela PASSION AND POWER as it contains a lot of lessons that will help shape our lives. Thank you!!!

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