Angel Eyes (2014) Korean Drama - COMPLETE

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Angel Eyes (2014) Korean Drama - COMPLETE

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Angel Eyes 2014
Title: 엔젤 아이즈 / Enjel Aijeu
Genre: Melodrama, romance, family, medical
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-05 to 2014-Jun-15
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55

A melodrama about a man and a woman who are each other’s first loves, but get separated when they were teenagers due to a painful family situation and meet again 12 years later. Yoon Soo Wan is legally blind woman who gets her vision back after receiving corneas transplantation in an operation and decides to embrace life with passion by becoming an emergency rescue worker who is known not only by the fire department, but also by the local hospital. She is a tomboyish character who still fondly remembers her first love from 12 years ago. Park Dong Joo is a surgeon and Soo Wan’s first love who was outstanding student and knows how to comfort one who is in pain. He is proud of his father and dreams of being a firefighter like him. He goes through various changes of his life and has to change his fate due to many happenings. He is a man who only watches over his loving woman from the side and overcomes the misfortunes ahead of him.


Angel Eyes E01.mp4 – 248.4 MB

Angel Eyes E02.mp4 – 248.1 MB

Angel Eyes E03.mp4 – 248.5 MB

Angel Eyes E04.mp4 – 248.5 MB

Angel Eyes E05.mp4 – 248.4 MB

Angel Eyes E06.mp4 – 248.7 MB

Angel Eyes E07.mp4 – 248.5 MB

Angel Eyes E08.mp4 – 248.3 MB

Angel Eyes E09.mp4 – 248.4 MB

Angel Eyes E10.mp4 – 248.7 MB

Angel Eyes E11.mp4 – 248.5 MB

Angel Eyes E12.mp4 – 248.4 MB

Angel Eyes E13.mp4 – 248.4 MB

Angel Eyes E14.mp4 – 248.5 MB

Angel Eyes E15.mp4 – 248.6 MB

Angel Eyes E16.mp4 – 248.2 MB

Angel Eyes E17.mp4 – 248.6 MB

Angel Eyes E19.mp4 – 248.3 MB

Angel Eyes E20 END.mp4 – 248.6 MB

Angel Eyes E_.mp4 – 248.2 MB

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