Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (2011) Koren Drama

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Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (2011) Koren Drama

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Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (2011)
Title: 총각네 야채가게 / Chonggakne Yachaegage
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: Channel A
Broadcast period: 2011-Dec-21 to 2012-Mar-08
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:20
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Based on the true story of a young man who turned a tiny vegetable shop into a national name, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store centers on the love lives and successes of six single young men. Han Tae Yang is a talented young man with big dreams for his tiny vegetable shop, who finds himself falling in love. Lee Seul Woo, a wealthy heir who grew up without a father, comes to work at the shop. He falls for Jung Dan Bi, a spoiled young heiress, and complications ensue, especially when she’s drawn to Tae Yang instead. Pop singer Ji Hyuk, model Sung Ha, and musical actor Shin Won Ho round out the quartet of good-looking bachelors who work together and deal with life, love and career.


Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (2011).rar – 424 KB

BVS.E01.720p-WITH.avi – 349.5 MB

BVS.E02.720p-HyunNi.avi – 350.8 MB

BVS.E03.720p-arigaTo.avi – 351.4 MB

BVS.E04.720p-arigaTo.avi – 349.5 MB

BVS.E05.H264-Khai.avi – 350.8 MB

BVS.E06.720p-arigaTo.avi – 350.2 MB

BVS.E07.H264-Khai.avi – 349.6 MB

BVS.E08.720p-Khai.avi – 350.8 MB

BVS.E09.H264-Khai.avi – 349.8 MB

BVS.E10.H264-Khai.avi – 349.7 MB

BVS.E11.H264-Khai.avi – 350.2 MB

BVS.E12.H264-Khai.avi – 350.6 MB

BVS.E13.H264-Khai.avi – 350.9 MB

BVS.E14.H264-Khai.avi – 350.4 MB

BVS.E15.H264-Khai.avi – 349.5 MB

BVS.E16.H264-Khai.avi – 349.9 MB

BVS.E17.H264-Khai.avi – 349.6 MB

BVS.E19.H264-Khai.avi – 349.7 MB

BVS.E20.H264-Khai.avi – 349.4 MB

BVS.E21.720p-WITH.avi – 350.8 MB

BVS.E22.720p-WITH.avi – 350.8 MB

BVS.E23.H264-Khai.avi – 350.9 MB

BVS.E24.END.H264-Khai.avi – 349.7 MB

BVS.E_.720p-taple.avi – 350.1 MB

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