D-Day (2015) Korean Drama

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D-Day (2015) Korean Drama

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 20, 2016 12:26 am

D-Day (2015)
Genre Disaster
Medical drama
Written by Hwang Eun-kyung
Directed by Jang Yong-woo
Starring Kim Young-kwang
Jung So-min
Ha Seok-jin
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 20
Alternate Titles: 데이

When a natural disaster strikes Seoul, a team of medical doctors and emergency personnel struggle to deal with its aftermath.


1- http://uploadboy.com/qt4kvyxreo1n.html

2- http://uploadboy.com/9ublxq0b0jvw.html

3- http://uploadboy.com/833umhxvcje5.html

4- http://uploadboy.com/ghx2t9jdsuln.html

5- http://uploadboy.com/06izr65w06x6.html

6- http://uploadboy.com/0qfp8ilsnwzt.html

7- http://uploadboy.me/adzk6a8x07w9.html

8- http://uploadboy.me/ac1m53vxyf6z.html

9- http://uploadboy.com/d6vqpk0s0usw.html

10- http://uploadboy.com/aqmkvzu4nxqw.html

11- http://uploadboy.com/hyw1sukah8mt.html

12- http://uploadboy.com/fya8hk5fykfh.html

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16- http://uploadboy.com/7el3w3b9iymg.html

17- http://uploadboy.me/980dg4w9rbf4.html

18- http://uploadboy.me/llpyu5chzzro.html

19- http://uploadboy.me/2b38lo60zn4c.html

20- http://uploadboy.me/8nlkopdau998.html

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