Passion And Power episode 07 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 30th June 2016

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Passion And Power episode 07 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 30th June 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
The next morning, Eladio prepares breakfast in bed for Julia and he adds a rose flower to it and this indeed is actually are repented romantic Eladio oooooo and he is even the one who commends himself to her wife that she could now see that he is changed. Hahahahahah let me ask oooo guys, do you do something to commend yourself or someone is supposed to? hmmmm That is Eladio for you. He then tells Julia to get prepared so they go get a motor cycle for David and Julia grows so surprised and can’t believe her husband has changed.
Montserrat wants Erick to spend the night with her in exchange for vital information concerning Eladio to ruin him but he tells her that he can’t go according to her offer because that is going to be like piercing a sword in his father’s heart and that of Consuelo so she also kicks him out and says he shouldn’t make a step there again. Erick considering things accepted and spent the night with her.
In Cancun and still at the beachside, David arrives to see Daniela chatting with guy (Johnny) and quickly he attacks him but Daniela questions him to stop because if she gave him the chance to be near her it was only to annoy him and not anything serious because the Gomez Lunas are just here to attend to the needs of the Montenegros because he has no money and he bores her but there is something she wants to advise him on which is, as he goes to Queretaro he is going to find her sister Regina there and if he likes, he can give her that boring love of his. She then walks out on him and David thinks Daniela is insane and says he is not going to see her again.
Erick arrives home the next day and his father questions him as to why he never came home last night and he tells him it was all an investigation night concerning how to ruin Eladio and the fact is, the bar he just opened in Lacosdesa’s license is illegal and therefore the authorities will not only close the bar but also the hotel where it is located if only the report is given to the authorities and Arturo thinks that is a great information to help sink Eladio.
Consuelo arrives to ask Erick about where he spent the night and it as usual ends up in a great argument and yelling on her so Miguel arrives to ask Erick not to speak to his wife in a harsh tone but he tells him not to meddle in their affairs because he is only but a fool.
Eladio calls his lawyer to tell the prison authorities not to let Caridad (Franco’s mum) to get out of prison therefore should continue to delay her hearing. Wwooowww hmmm only God knows why.
Daniela tells her boyfriend Johnny that she only got closer to David only to put him in his place for all the wrongs Eladio has done to her father all these years and though he sounds crazy about her, the only person he wants to be with is him (Johnny).
The information gets into the hands of the police concerning Eladio’s hotel with fake license and they go there right away and Eladio is told by Franco about the issue and nervousness caught up with him. Eladio and Franco go there to speak with the police to talk things over but they are told they have to close down the bar and the hotel until the investigation is done as to falsify the license and after that the culprit can go to jail.
Regina wishes to go to Queretaro to continue her studies and also to get away from Joshua since he pisses her off with those romantic gestures. Consuelo is called by her modeling company again to come over so she can help them exhibit for their product and that makes her very happy because that was how come Erick fell in love with her and so to bring back that self-esteem she agrees to go back to the work ones again and Regina and Miguel think that is a best decision since no one has to give up on a dream just because he or she got married but rather must fight ahead.
Montserrat is the best friend of Consuelo so she goes to inform her that she has been called by the modeling company to help them sell their products and according to Montserrat she is very happy for Consuelo. Mmmm is she sure guys? But I don’t trust her one bit.
In the midst of the hardship Eladio faces, Arturo calls him to ask if he actually love the inspectors and Eladio then tells him he knew he would be the one behind it but Arturo tells him that he heard it through a rumor and this can actually destroy his reputation so he should be a little careful on how he goes about things. Eladio laughs to tell him to continue dreaming because no matter what he is going to end up being the president of the general hotel association but Arturo doubts it.
Erick goes out on a date with Montserrat to celebrate their victory over Eladio and he buys her a bracelet as an appreciation for helping him with that information. She then she is so glad that they will meet frequently since his wife Consuelo is now going to be occupied with her new modeling job and it comes as a surprise to Erick but Montserrat tells him to allow Consuelo to do it since that makes her happy and also the campaign worth millions but it seems Erick thinks Montserrat is talking nonsense. He gets up and he goes home to warn Consuelo to forget that modeling job and his words are final.
David arrives home and his father presents a new motorbike to him but he thinks it’s really nice but can’t accept it because his father told him not to expect anything from him but Julia talk sense into her son and he accepts the bike and thanked his father for the gift. Eladio then seized the opportunity to beg David for being so inconsiderate with him.
With all the romantic gestures and being considerate with his wife and son, I think Julia now is falling in love gradually with her husband Eladio as she asks him to kiss her.
Eladio’s lawyer is negotiating with the police so they do not close down the hotel and that is a bit of relieve to him as Franco delivers the message. Franco then sees that Eladio is still not in good mood so he enquires and he spills the bean out that the problem is with Julia because he doesn’t know how long she is going to trust him and the fact is he truly love her so much that it becomes difficult to be closer to her without not being able to caress, touch and romance her. Immediately he comes to a realization that he needs not to tell Franco those things. It hates Franco so much that Eladio is trying to do everything possible to win David’s love after he buys a motorbike for him and Eladio grows so annoyed warning him to be careful because no matter what David is his son and will do anything for him.
Regina arrives in Queretaro and upon arrival in her hotel room, as he removes herself to go half naked, David comes out from the bathroom and Regina becomes frightened and looking into David’s face, she realizes that the face seems familiar.

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