Passion And Power episode 15 what to expect on UTV on Monday 18th July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 15 what to expect on UTV on Monday 18th July 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Agustin then tells Eladio that he actually know that he is the one hijacking his internet access but Eladio pretends not to know anything about it and he warns him to stay away from his family or else the impossible might happen.
Augustin then advises Arturo to control himself towards Eladio since he can’t continue reacting in that way anytime he sees Eladio but he still thinks Eladio was the one who came for trouble by looking for his son Erick. But he made him to understand that his anger towards Eladio is all because of Julia but he is asking to understand that he can’t change anything now since they are both married but Arturo thinks Eladio never married Julia about of love but revenge and therefore Julia has to find out that Eladio is cheating on him but Augustin cautions him not to do anything stupid.
Regina immediately enters the office to see her father asking him to help her cancel the contract she signed at Queretaro because she doesn’t want to be there anymore. Arturo asks her if there is any problem with the terms of contract and she says NO. So he then asks her why she wants to turn her back on her responsibility because her reason isn’t enough ad Regina says it’s a personal and that is, she doesn’t like the engineer they assigned her to but her father thinks no matter how he is she should try moving on with him and not abandon her responsibility just because she dislike the engineer and Regina agrees to go back to her job. She then asks her father about the bruise on his face and he discloses to him that he and Eladio ended up in a fight.
Montserrat says she can’t play smart with Eladio and therefore has to come up with a fake abortion receipt and Aldo asks her not to worry at all since he knows a doctor who for a large amount of money can helped her with that receipt and that is left for her to do is just continue to emotionally blackmail Eladio and also he is going to come up with something that will help her to finally get rid of Julia and Montserrat thanks him for being there for her.
Julia reads through past letters from Arturo and this brings back wonderful memories and she tells herself that she can’t forgive Arturo for marrying another woman. quickly David enters the room and he tells his mum that he just broke up with his girlfriend and Julia thinks that shouldn’t get him worked up because since they just met each other but David thinks he actually love her but many things tore her apart and Julia encourages her to fight for her love no matter how much the girl doubts their future just because of some unfortunate circumstance surrounding their love because if he lets true love fade away, he will end up regretting all the days of her life. David quickly goes Regina’s house to plead that she never give up on their love and she asks him how he thinks something can actually go on between them when his father just involve in a fight with her dad and David thinks their parents problems shouldn’t tear them apart but Regina still insists nothing good can generate between them and David get fed up and tells her to whatever pleases her.
Nina thinks Daniela has gone too far but she begs her mum to help cool her father down because if not he will kill her for disgracing the family like that and Nina as usual agrees to help her. So Nina intentionally shed tears to plead with Arturo to allow them takes Daniela to a rehab center because something seems to be bothering her. Nina sees the bruise on Arturo’s face and she asks him about it and he tells her about fighting with Eladio because of the irresponsible act from Erick all because she (Nina) fails to play the role as a mother but focuses only on material things. Arturo sets new rules for Daniela that all outings are forbidden and therefore she is going to take every responsibility for her actions and Daniela accepts.
Maribel gives the good news about their free trip and holidays to her family and they grow so happy.
Erick confronts Montserrat as to why she has to get involve with Eladio if he is actually the one she love and she tells him because all the luxury she leaves in are paid by Eladio since he doesn’t shower her with anything and Erick assures her that he is going to do everything possible to get money and treat her like the queen she deserve all he needs is for her to give him more time and when that happens he bet she can forget about Eladio forever.
David confronts his father as to why he has to punch Arturo and Eladio wonders how he got to know about it and David thinks that is unnecessary but he can actually tell this fight of their wasn’t about business but about a personal matter and he therefore requests that his father tells him about it but Julia asks David not to get involve and quickly she takes Eladio to the bedroom but Eladio thinks Julia was the one who told him because may be she’s been speaking to Arturo.
Regina confronts Daniela that this time around she is never going to put with her attitude to watch her ruin her relationship with David but she should get into her head that if she is not getting back to David it’s because their family problem but not because he doesn’t love her but Daniela thinks David will never fall for a tramp like her.
Arturo angrily tells Miguel to help him with some internet experts to destroy Eladio as he wants to do to his empire and Miguel tries calming his father down but he sees that his father is determined this time around so he agreed and assured his father to count on him no matter if it is for good or evil because even considering him alone in this pleases him a lot and he willing to do anything to build up the company or to destroy Eladio Gomez Luna.

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