Passion And Power episode 16 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 19th July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 16 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 19th July 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Arturo angrily tells Miguel to help him with some internet experts to destroy Eladio as he wants to do to his empire and Miguel tries calming his father down but he sees that his father is determined this time around so he agreed and assured his father to count on him no matter if it is for good or evil because even considering him alone in this pleases him a lot and he willing to do anything to build up the company or to destroy Eladio Gomez Luna.
Daniela meets with Joshua to ask him if he still has the wedding invitation with him and as he says YES, Daniela has more reason to be happy and she lies to Joshua that she has spoken with Regina and though she sounded really angry about what he did at Queretaro but in all she says she truly love him very much and she suggests to him that, he distributes the invitation cards really fast so Regina will get a little bit of a push and after realizing that the invitation cards are out there, she would dare back out of the marriage and Joshua thinks it’s a great opinion.
Julia still worried about Eladio’s suspicion about David not being his son but Arturo’s, she wishes to clear things ones and for all to erase that doubt in Eladio’s mind to let Arturo come over so she can plead with him to have a DNA test with David so she can get to prove to Eladio that truly David is his son and not Arturo’s. So, she calls him and they agree to meet at the foundation he was almost about to be caught by Eladio but Franco arrives with some documents for Eladio and Julia was able to rush into the bedroom whiles Eladio leaves with Franco to the study room. Eladio tells Franco how he is worried about how David got to know about the fight but Franco thinks that will be impossible to know since he and David aren’t in good terms but Eladio thinks he Franco can derive that from Gabriela since Julia might have told her since they don’t keep secrets.
Daniela intentionally tells his father that Regina stole her boyfriend from her in Queretaro just to take revenge to pay her back for messing up with Joshua and Regina tells her father that, she never stole anybody from her and this actually generates into a huge argument but Arturo managed to calm them down and asks them to stop fighting over a man since they are sisters and not cat and dog. After Daniela left, Arturo asks Regina how she has to take a hasty decision to date a man again when she just had a horrible experience and Regina discloses to him that she even broke up with that guy due to circumstances surrounding their relationship which she thinks she can’t reveal to her father. Arturo then advised his daughter to give herself some more time before beginning another relationship if not he will regret her whole life as he speaks from experience and he tells that to her without mentioning the lady’s (Julia) name.
Franco cunningly tries to derive the answer from Gabriela and it seems she knows nothing and she tells Franco to let them not get involved in the problems of their uncle and auntie and Franco agrees but asks her to let him know it in case she hears anything.
Arturo warns Erick to stop having an affair alongside his marriage especially when that so called lady is even involve with Gomez Luna because he is not going to sit aback to watch him do that whiles she still stays in his house unless he is divorced but since he isn’t he is advising him to concentrate on his marriage and keep it going and settle matters with Consuelo and that he is actually serious about it.
Maribel still thinking about her death, tells her daughter that if someday she isn’t able to go with them to some trips, she is not to worry about her but should always remember that she will take care of her wherever she may be and he daughter wonders why her mother says that and where actually she would be going and she tells her that every human being has a place to go and that is Heaven.
Francisco receives an invitation letter from Joshua inviting him for his wedding between him and Regina and he shows it to David and grows so disappointed in Regina because he thinks she and her sister Daniela just got involved with him to just absurd him and now he can prove that between the two ladies, Regina is the worse but Francisco thinks Regina pushing through with the wedding he can actually say there is something weird about the invitation.
David goes straight to confront Regina about the invitation card about their marriage and it comes as a surprise to her because she has no idea.
Arturo goes over to see Julia at the foundation and she tells him that she has the never been happy with Eladio but Arturo thinks otherwise since they have pictures depicting to the public how happy they are but Julia says that is only appearances and nothing more and she thinks she is paying for marrying him without love but only did it due to resentment he had against him (Arturo) for marrying a different woman. Arturo then also confesses that he has also never being happy since he has also not stopped loving her and that he only married Nina since he wanted to let Miguel grow up with a family after his mother’s death but he never actually loved Nina. Arturo then asks her to forgive him for making her go through all the problems of Eladio. They then expressed their love to each other and just about to kiss.

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