Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Sunday 31st July 2016

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Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Sunday 31st July 2016

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Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in todays episode,

Pina visits Cristobal and she spill out to him about Luis trying to take advantage of her causing to run away and quickly Cristobal goes mad as to why some men prefer to do that to the poor. She then added up that now Maria has gotten a new job but the fact is she only has a day off and even with that she has decided to use it to go for sewing classes and not prof. Cristobals classes again.

At mass Cristobal prays to God that God protects Maria and her son from danger and shouldnt allow them to suffer.

Alejandro goes to Marcela a house to look for Maria but she only asks him angrily to warn maria that she will definitely report her to the police for stealing her ring but Alejandro defends Maria that she is not a thief but on the other hand he grows so confused about the whole thing.

Cristobal bumps into Luis on the street and punch him hardly in his face with blood oozing out of his nose for trying to take advantage on Maria due to her circumstances and it generated into a huge argument but luckily the police arrive and Luis tries explaining things to them and he suggests to Luis that he can come with him to press charges against Cristobal and to Cristobal that is even a good idea because with that he can explain to the police as to why he gave him that punch and Luis realizing that it wouldnt go in his favour he tells the police to leave because saving him from Cristobal s even enough.

Looking at the way Marias child has been crying to disturb the peace of mind of her new employers, Thelma tells her sister not to worry at all because they are certainly going to pay her every month according to the number of times the enjoyed calmness without any cry from the child.

Nayeli nurtures Fabian on how he is going to win Yolanda with some cunning words and in that same vein, Tavo also suggests to Fausto about a plan on how he can also win Yolanda over by getting a juju from Mr. Inocencio to use it on Yolanda so that she can only have her to himself without Yolanda thinking a bit about Fabian.

Cristobal goes over to visit Maria and she tells him about her decision to have sewing classes which she thinks will help her breakthrough in life and Cristobal encouraged her to focus on the decision but all the same find time to have the classes so she can complete her primary school. Suddenly, Ursula enters and Cristobal introduces himself as the teacher of Maria and he wants to ask permission from her so maria attends his classes on Sunday evening but Ursula thinks tries proving difficult and Cristobal confronts her that, if Maria works on Sundays then she is trying to deprive her the right by the law not to work on Sundays and Ursula seeing that Cristobal is law conscious and therefore anything could happen, he agrees that maria goes off every last Sunday of the month and Cristobal thanked her and left. She then tells Maria to be very careful with Cristobal because she cant afford to end up giving birth again because she already has a huge burden already and Maria says there is nothing going on between them. She then warns her that she doesnt want to see any man paying her a visit again.

Vanessa thinks it was so stupid of her to have breakup with Marco because she now realized that the only person she can love is him but Marco tells her that he truly loves Estela and so she does and therefore wouldnt come back to love her again because no one knows if she is even trying to make a fool out of him again.

Cristobal wishes to give Maria a room in their house so that can help her to better her life and Mr. Zachariah wishes to give his room to her and sleep in the other room next to him but Mrs. Feli think she has to speak with Maria first if even she is willing to come stay with them.

Time goes by and Maria has gradually improved on her sewing ideas and her Madam Piedad thinks with her great talent she can go far and become a great dressmaker.

Alejandro feels so guilty and thinks that he abandoning Maria caused her to steal that Ring since she needed money badly to take care of her son but Marco asks him to stop that feeling of guilt and forget that he has a son with that maid but Alejandro shuns him and left stating that it was wrong speaking with him to derive advice from him.

Nayeli goes to speak with Inocencio to give her Juju for her brother Tavo so he can use it to get the attention of a lady he is madly in love with in their school and Inocencio agrees only because he thinks that it is really hurting to feel that one has an unreturned love and all this while Coral was eavesdropping their conversation through the backdoor.

Karina asks Estela and Vanessa to settle their differences because it is now too difficult for her having to be in between two friends every day and Estela agrees to let go off their differences but reminds Vanessa that their promise still stands and that is, none of them goes after ones boyfriend and Vanessa accepts facially but inwardly she states that, she is going to make Marco to compare them and make him realized that he made a wrong choice in choosing Estela.

Eugenio after conducting a test on Georgina, it turns out that her cancer ailment continues to spread in her system and this time around it will only take the grace of God to heal her.

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