Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 2nd August 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:23 am

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Every one of them is awarded with t a certificate of Honor. The medal of Merit and excellent grades was given to Fernanda as the most outstanding student with best grades in the school and Mother Rosaura looks so proud of her as well as Pedro but still Fernanda grows so disappointed that Carlos never came to be with her.
The time is dew for the Graduants to have a group photograph but Fernanda is nowhere to be found and Mother Rosaura looks so worried and in that same vein, Isabella also looks so annoyed that she can’t find Fernanda anywhere to give her the best graduation present about her pregnancy.
Carlos after attending to Don Fernando, he excuses him to go for his girlfriend’s graduation ceremony and Don Fernando asks him to hurry up so he can catch up with the occasion.
Carlos arrives and Felipe tells him that the ceremony is over and that Fernanda was awarded the Medal of Honor. In the same vein, Isabella confronts Carlos to threaten him that she is going to spill out to Fernanda about the pregnancy but Carlos asks her to leave that to him do so but before that he still insists on conduction the test on her first to confirm and then tell Fernanda about it because he still believes that she is just lying to separate him from Fernanda
Fernanda and Pedro arrives home and she tells him that everyone was at the graduation with their mother except her and also Carlos fail to come to her graduation but Pedro asks her to calm down because it’s not like the world has come to an end because everything will be fine. Immediately, mother Rosaura arrives to ask Fernanda to go with her to take the pictures since everyone is waiting for her.
Hernan compels her daughter Camilla to seize the opportunity of Carlos coming to the ceremony to win him over and Camilla agrees.
Pedro arrives at the bank and at that time Amelia was cleaning the floor and upon hearing Marissa calling out Pedro’s name, she grows so nervous. She then introduces Lupe as the secretary and then asks him to meet Amelia their cleaner and it just fell on him like cold water with Amelia’s face filled with shame but Pedro acted so maturely in such a way that he pretended not to know Amelia making it seem like they just met that day. Marissa again tells Lupe that Pedro is now going to handle the gardens at the banks and all the other branches and therefore she would be supervising all of his work.
Fernanda calls her dad to know if he isn’t coming for her graduation party and he responded that he is coming as well as Amelia. After the call, Pedro then teasingly reminds Amelia about the graduation party of their daughter tonight and though he knows that she has a busy schedule at work since he is the Personal Assistant of their Boss but Amelia asks him to stop being ridiculous and Pedro that is the truth because he is not the type who pretends to be someone when he is only a gardener. Amelia then warn him not to dare tell Fernanda that she is a cleaner but Pedro careless about her lies any more but all he cares about is for her to come with them for the graduation party because she is her mother.
Suddenly, Aldonaiz entered to ask Amelia if she will make time for her so they can have a drink and quickly Pedro’s heart jumps into anxiety and Amelia says she can’t because she would attending her daughter graduation party. He then insists that they go out tomorrow night and repeat what we did the other night and should make sure to be wearing the Earrings he bought for her and waaaaoooo the whole conversation comes as a confused statement Pedro since he understood it in a different way, looking at how nervous Amelia look in her face.
Carlos dresses up for Fernanda’s party and he goes over to see her but she becomes so angry at him as to why he fail to come for the graduation party but Carlos did everything possible to explain the circumstances to her before she could believe him.
Pedro and Amelia continue their argument in the house about the earring and Aldonaiz as to why he asked her out for a date and at that moment Fernanda has also dressed up and upon hearing all those argument he enters with tears filled in their eyes to ask why they are fighting.

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