Passion And Power episode 27 what to expect on UTV on Monday 8th August 2016

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Passion And Power episode 27 what to expect on UTV on Monday 8th August 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Humberto thinks it is right for Eladio not to trust her because seeing Arturo again has made her changed a lot because all she want is to go to bed with him to offend Eladio and Julia just yelled at his father to think whatever suits him. Julia then explained to his father why she has to speak with Arturo because she needed him to have a DNA Test done since Eladio still have doubt about David and Humberto says Julia is the cause of all this and therefore has to bear every ill-treatment from Eladio because he can’t defend her.
David and Regina continues to getting to know each other and is willing to forget about their family problems and as it seems their relationship is gradually picking up without any argument involve and they both look so happy being together in Queretaro.
Julia pleads with Gabriela to speak with Arturo to forget about the DNA test since she doesn’t want any more problems with Eladio and Gabriela agrees to do that for her. just when Gabriela was about calling Arturo, Humberto arrives to tell her that he actually know the one she would want to call and that is Arturo but they lied stating that they just want to call a donor to get some names from the person and Humberto demands that they do the calling in front of him and this made them very nervous.
Francisco and Clara are able to help Justino and daughter Luisita to arrive home safely and the remains of Maribel follow later. Justino grows so angry at Clara for keeping such an important secret from him because he could have seek another doctor’s opinion about the whole thing and in anger he kicks her and Gisela out of his room to leave him alone to his sorrow. Luisita arrives to report to Clara that her father still continues to cry so why doesn’t she call her mother to come and console him and Gisela simply tells her that can’t be possible because her mother is dead but Luisita tells her it not true because her mother has turned into one of the stars watching over them and will one day return. Clara then gets annoyed with Gisela as to why she always looks so harsh and cruel towards everyone but she thinks she has to tell the truth to the girl.
Gabriela goes over to the speak with Arturo on behalf of Julia that she doesn’t want him to have the DNA Test again and he wonders why and Gabriela says to him not to call her again. After Gabriela left, Arturo tells Augustin about what Gabriela told him but he also thinks that Eladio may be the brain behind it and therefore is not going to let him hurt Julia ever again and quickly he calls Eladio on phone to arrange with him so they meet to clear up some matters concerning his wife Julia and Eladio agrees.
People gather at Maribel’s funeral and upon Clara’s arrival Justino asks her to leave because he doesn’t want her there but Luisita runs to her not to leave because she really wants her to be with her.
Gisela goes to see Franco to give her more money because what Eladio gives her is not enough. So Franco seized the opportunity to ask why Eladio even pays her every month when she doesn’t even work there and Gisela tells him that someone dear to her heart used to work there some years ago and since that person doesn’t work there any more Eladio is just doing her a favor and Franco asks who that person is but Gisela just left without saying a thing.
Eladio meets with Arturo and he warns him not to mess up with his wife because he is capable of doing anything to him and Arturo also warns him not to make Julia cry because he is also capable of doing the impossible. Eladio tells him it is hard time Arturo accept defeat that Julia decided to marry him and not Arturo but Arturo challenged him to ask himself if s why does Julia have confidence in him more than her husband because she asked her to have a DNA test to prove to him that David is not his (Arturo) son and therefore he is going to do that DNA test to prove that Julia is a faithful wife and not a whore. Eladio warns him to keep his distance if not the hatred will be extended onto his children.
Regina surprised David with a nice watch and he looks so happy and thanked him.
Eladio upon reaching, he questions Julia very furiously on how many times she’s met with Arturo and she grows so nervous.

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